Breast reconstruction in Dubai is a hope for women who have lost their breast(s) due to cancer. The surgery gives them new breast(s) so that the women could return to their normal life. The new breast is of same size and shape as was the previous one. The nipple and areola are also reconstructed through surgery.

Why Breast Reconstruction ?

Women who undergo mastectomy like to undergo this procedure because it

  • Returns a woman’s natural outlook
  • Gives a balanced appearance
  • Sets a woman free from the ordeal of wearing an outer prosthesis (to form a breast mount)

It is normal to notice the difference in new and the remaining breast tissue but they will look alike in shape and size when you are wearing a bra. The practice improves women’s self-esteem and confidence. Most often, they like their new outlook and want to have them for the rest of their lives.

Immediate Reconstruction vs Delayed Reconstruction:

If you are planning to have Breast reconstruction in Dubai, you can undergo the procedure right after mastectomy. In this case new breasts are created as the natural ones and both the procedures are covered by a single surgery. This is known as immediate reconstruction. This will not only save your money but will also have relatively shorter recovery time.

Sometimes, surgeons prefer a delayed reconstruction. It allows a woman to have new breasts in a separate surgery and it works as a better choice for women who need radiation therapy in chest area. Having immediate surgery can cause serious issues in such cases.

Breast Implants vs Flap Reconstruction:

Implants are artificial devices that are used to create breast mount in a breast reconstruction surgery. They are silicone shells filled with silicone gel or saline water. Some of them come in prefilled form and need larger incision for their placement while others are first placed in chest wall and are then filled. Each type of implant has its own pros and cons. The most common side effect associated with implants is implant rupture. It is easily noticeable in case of saline implant and does not have any harmful side effects. However, in case of silicone implants the rupture are hardly noticeable and are harmful.

Flap reconstruction uses tissues from tummy, thighs, back or buttocks to rebuild breasts. The tissues are moved from the donor site to the chest area while they remain attach to the local blood supply. This technique leaves two surgical scars, one on the area which donates tissues and the other on the chest. Usually, surgeons take tissue flaps from the lower tummy area or the upper back. Women who prefer flap reconstruction do not have to worry about rupture or replacement.

What to Consider Before Breast Reconstruction In Dubai:

Following are some important elements that you must consider before deciding for the Breast reconstruction in Dubai.

  • The procedure needs more than one surgery so you must be prepared for the whole treatment regimen if you choose to have new breasts with surgery.
  • Mastectomy and reconstruction, both give incision scars that fade with time but do not disappear completely.
  • The new breast will not have the previous sensation and feel. They will not be a complete copy in terms of shape as well.
  • Breast reconstruction has its own set of side effects and complications. Some complications like necrosis may need another surgery.
  • Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, smoking and alcohol affect the healing process.

Deciding to undergo Breast reconstruction is your personal choice and you must make it after considering pros and cons of the surgery and how your life would be if you do not have it. A single source of information cannot give you all the answers so try to learn from different sources like internet, different plastic surgeons, patients etc.  You and your family should talk to your surgeon and discuss all the potential outcomes of the surgery. And most of all, always have realistic expectations from your treatment. While your new breasts will not be a 100%replacement of your real ones, they will be a great help for you in your fight against cancer and the resulting physical and mental complications.

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