Breast Implants

Breast implants are artificial devices filled with fluid or gel in silicone shells that are placed in a woman’s breasts for cosmetic reasons. A woman may like to have breast implants for any of the following reasons.

  • Increasing the size of the breasts (breast augmentation)
  • Making one breast equal to the other in size
  • Giving breasts a proper shape
  • Constructing breasts in women who have lost them due to cancer (breast reconstruction)
  • Constructing breasts in women who did not develop them due to a birth deformity or chemotherapy or exposure to radiation as a treatment for cancer

Types of Implants:

Breasts implants in Dubai differ on the basis of fluid or gel they are filled with. Saline implants are filled with saline solution and are available for women aged 18 and above. While silicone implants have silicone gel and they are available for women aged 22 and older. Both the types have silicone shells. Breasts implants that come in pre-filled form need longer incision for their placement in breast than implants which are filled once they are placed.

Safety Concerns with Breast Implants:

Leakage or deflation is a common issue with breast implants. It is not a serious issue in case of saline implants as sterile saline solution does not harm human body. It is absorbed by the surrounding tissues. Rupture of a saline implant is easily noticed as it causes changes in size and shape of the breast. If a silicone breast implant ruptures, it may go unnoticed and so it is called silent rupture. When a silicone implant is placed in the body, a fibrous tissue (capsule) is formed around it. Any leaked silicone is trapped in these tissues and the shape of the breast does not change. Surrounding tissues may get inflamed due to silicone and it may lead to pain, swelling or soreness in affected area. You must consult your surgeon if you notice any changes in the shape or size of your breast or if you feel any pain in your breasts. In such cases, surgeons recommend imaging tests like MRI scan to confirm the rupture. Later, you will need surgery to remove the shell and if you need to have new implants then they can also be placed at the same time.

Points to Ponder:

Having breast implants is a lifetime decision and you must make it after due consideration and comparing pros and cons of your breast surgery. Here are some elements that you must keep in mind while deciding for the surgery.

  • Implants do not prevent your breasts from sagging. If your breasts are sagging, you need breast lift not breast augmentation.
  • Surgeons recommend regular MRI scans after breast augmentation and breast reconstruction to monitor the implant. This is an additional cost that the patients have to bear.
  • Breast implants do not come with expiry dates but they are not lifetime devices. They can rupture causing the fluid to penetrate in surrounding tissues.
  • In case of breast implants revision surgeries are common after initial surgery. It may be needed if the implant ruptures or it develops capsular contracture. Some patients need surgery simply because they want to increase or decrease the cup size of the implant or do not want implants anymore.
  • Mammograms become complicated after breast implants as they may show false results. Sometimes, the implant is wrongly taken as a cancerous tumor.
  • Like all other surgeries, breast surgery also results in unwanted incision scars which fade over time but do not disappear completely.
  • A woman may face difficulty in breastfeeding after implants. You must discuss it with your surgeon if you want to breastfeed your infants after surgery.

Having breast implants is an important decision in a woman’s life and so she must make a careful and well thought-out choice. You can fill in Online Consultation form if you want to know more about breast surgery or want to have free advice from our surgeons.

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