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Will pregnancy affect longevity and outcomes of breast augmentation?

Will pregnancy affect longevity and outcomes of breast augmentation?

If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery, make sure you are done weaning your last baby, as pregnancy and breastfeeding can greatly affect the longevity and outcomes of your breast enlargement surgery. This is because pregnancy not only affects the appearance of your breasts but also has an extremely variable affect on their physiology and function. Continue reading to know more about the effects of pregnancy on longevity and effectiveness of breast augmentation.

Pregnancy can result in excess skin:

Breast Augmentation is a suitable for women who have small or moderate sized breasts with only a fair amount of excess skin. During pregnancy the weight gain leads to a significant increase in breast size, whereas after pregnancy weight loss results in significant reduction of breasts. This leads to variable amount of excess skin. Small to moderate skin excess can be easily addressed during breast augmentation surgery; however, a lot of skin excess will require breast augmentation with breast lift.

Breast Implant would not protect your breasts against natural changes:

Your breasts will undergo numerous physiological changes during pregnancy, from normal to pregnant to lactating to postpartum period. Breast enlargement can be performed before pregnancy as well, but the implants will not protect against the physiological and functional changes that occur during pregnancy. This may lead to replacement or removal of breast implants, another full-fledged surgery. In this case you may also have to undergo breast lift surgery to maintain a youthful breast profile.

So, if you are interested in surgical breast enhancement and also want to become a mother in future, it is recommended to delay your surgery for a few months after you are done with breastfeeding. Undergoing breast enhancement immediately after lactating could make you susceptible to complications like infection, cyst or capsular contracture. Waiting for a few more months will reward you in the form of more-lasting results with minimal risks and side effects.

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