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Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breast?

Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breast?

You will obviously have great concern and care to look beautiful and attractive. Your beauty is improved if your body has harmony and each and every part of your body is in proportion. As a woman, you will have great concern for your breasts for this purpose. If your breasts are underdeveloped or small in size, you can improve them through breast augmentation in Dubai.

As every surgical procedure benefits you, there are some side effects or complications also. One of the most important and alarming side effect is loss of sensation in your nipple or breast. Here are some facts about breast augmentation and this problem.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the improvement or enhancement in your breasts size, shape and volume. Breast augmentation is done through different techniques:

  • Fat transfer breast augmentation:

In this procedure fat of your own body is transferred to the breast to improve its size.

  • Breast augmentation through implants:

Under this procedure breast augmentation is done by placing implants in your breast. Implants are either placed through incision around the areola or under the armpit or from the navel.

What are the effects of different breast augmentation procedures on sensation of nipples or breast?

When the surgery is appropriately performed there are very less chances of loss of sensation in nipples. It is only done if some damage with nerves occurs. Some facts about numbness in breasts are as follows:

  • If implants are too large in size, the chance of loss of sensation is more. Because it will stretch the skin and ultimately damage to the nerves will occur. Use proper size of implants, which will enhance your breasts lowering the risks.
  • The selection of site for implants to be placed also effects the nipple sensation. The sites for the placement of implants are either under the tissues of breast or under the muscular tissues.
  • Type of technique used for the surgery also affects the sensation differently.
  • If the incisions for the placement of implants are made on breast, around the areola, the risk of loss of sensation is more.
  • If incisions are made near the armpit or at the navel, there is no risk of damage to the nerves of breasts due to surgery.
  • If you need a little change in your breasts size and you are preferring for going through the fat transfer technique, you would not have any risk for loss of sensation.

Every surgical procedure is advancing day by day. In the consequence of advancements risks and complications are becoming less but still everyone doesn’t react same to any procedure. However you try your best to select the most trustworthy and upright surgeon and clinic for surgery to be performed.  Breast augmentation in Dubai will show its best to gain your trust.

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