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Will breast lift and implant removal be done during the same surgery?

Will breast lift and implant removal be done during the same surgery?

Breast lift is a popular cosmetic surgery used to help women regain firmer, uplifted breasts by removing excess skin and breast tissues as well as tightening the surrounding tissues. One of the most common causes of a sagging bust is aging. As women age, not only their skin becomes loose and saggy but their fat deposits also begin to melt, causing the breasts to droop downward. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, genetics and gravitational pull also cause droopiness of breasts.

What? You already knew all these reasons? Well, there is one reason that you may not have even thought off and that is breast augmentation. Shocked? So was I when I first came to know that the breast implants can cause your breasts to sag, and that happens when you plan to get these implants removed, may be because they have ruptured or are causing pain and discomfort or maybe because you are not liking your big breasts anymore. Whatever the reason maybe behind your decision to get your implants removed, they will cause your breasts to droop downwards. This is because the prosthesis stretch your skin

This is the reason women who get their implants removed have to undergo breast lift surgery as well to get firmer and rounder bosom once again. You always have the option to get your breasts lifted at the same time when getting the implant removed or delay it for a few months. You and your surgeon will decide this during the initial consultation. There are some doctors who do this as two different procedures but most surgeons prefer performing the two surgeries simultaneously.

Combining implant removal and breast lift surgery is a better option since it will not only reduce the surgeon’s workload but the patient will also have to undergo preoperative evaluation and any preoperative treatment only once. Furthermore, it will reduce the downtime and recovery time, since you will have to experience it all only once. Generally the original incision that was used for inserting implants is used once again to remove the prosthesis. Combining implant removal with breast lift will thus minimize your chances of getting multiple scars.

If you are planning to get your breast implants removed because of any reason you can always trust in Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. We have internationally recognized surgeons who can perform the two surgeries simultaneously. We also offer free online consultations. For further details fill our consultation form below.

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