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What is the Recuperation Time after Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

What is the Recuperation Time after Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Are you planning to undergo Breast reconstruction after mastectomy? Wondering for how long breast reconstruction surgery will keep you down? Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that is most commonly done on breast cancer patients. It is a major surgery that may keep you down for several weeks. You will not be able to notice the end results of the surgery instantly; rather it will get worse before you start noticing any signs of improvement. And a wait of several months will be required before you will be able to return to the routine life.

A lot of changes in your breasts will take place during the recovery period. It is important that you know about all that will happen to you after Breast Reconstruction surgery so that you could recover from the surgery quickly and safely.

Expect to feel fatigued for several weeks. The surgery will take toll on your entire body and you will feel low on energy than normal. Not only your breasts, but the entire chest area will remain very sore for the first couple of weeks at least. Pain and discomfort may increase with lifting or moving arms. You may be able to return to most of your routine activities within 5 to 6 weeks, but it may take you several months to return to strenuous activities, like running, jogging, exercising etc. Also, you may not be able to lift your kids or participate in an active sex life during this time.

Length of recovery period also depends on which procedure the surgeon uses for breast reconstruction. If implants are used for the reconstruction of cancer stricken breasts then recovery process is bit fast as compared to DIEFP Flap reconstruction, a technique that uses tissues from an individual’s own body to reconstruct breasts.

Reconstruction with implants may require you to remain in the hospital for a couple of days. A suction tube will be placed in the in the chest to drain excess fluids. This drain will be removed by the doctor after a couple of weeks. On the other hand, in case of SIEP Flap reconstruction, the patient has to stay hospitalized for several days. Two drains are placed, one in the chest and other in the donor area. Both these drains will also be removed after one or two weeks, depending on the patient’s recovery speed.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery also offers Breast Reconstruction with implants as well as DIEFP Flap technique. For more details visit us or contact us through our free online consultation form.

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