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What is the best time for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai?

What is the best time for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai?

Breast Reconstruction surgery cases are increasing day by day as more people are being diagnosed with deformities in their breast and due to rise in Breast Cancer. The most influencing factor for a successful breast reconstruction surgery is the timing, typically immediate surgery is recommended to the patient who has undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy but the ideal time for Breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai is dependent upon on several factors based on the age, size, shape and type of the deformity/cancer. If the surgery is done at wrong time, it can lead to severe complications. According to board certified plastic surgeons at Breast Surgery Clinic in Dubai, you will face no or little complications if you opt for the best time for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai. A brief account of factors influencing time of surgery is given below

Time factor  

Breast reconstruction surgery is done under supervision of board certified plastic surgeons in order to create a new breast typically after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Since the goal of the treatment is to create a whole new breast that has appropriate volume, shape and size, it must be done at the right time. There are several factors that influence the breast reconstruction surgery for example

  • Surgery type
  • Nipple choice
  • Age of the patient
  • Type and shape of body
  • Sensitivity of the body
  • Deformities experienced
  • Type of incision/implant

Surgery type:

There are two types of breast reconstruction surgeries available one is implant based and other is fat transfer based reconstruction. The fat transfer reconstruction surgery is done by extracting the fat grafts from the body of the patient and placing them in chest to create a new breast whereas in Implant based reconstruction, the breast pocket is first expanded using the augmentation device and then the implant is placed inside the breast pocket to achieve reconstruction goals.

The best time for breast reconstruction surgery for fat transfer procedure is considered to be when your mastectomy/lumpectomy procedure is complete and you can take a month off from your work and daily routine. Whereas in case of implant based reconstruction procedure, the best time for breast reconstruction surgery is immediately after the mastectomy/lumpectomy as it will give you enough time to adjust the augmentation device and then the final implant procedure.


Age of the patient matters a lot in the breast reconstruction surgery and a recent study carried out by American Plastic Surgeons association describes that older women are tend to get more benefits in terms of sensation and shape after the breast reconstruction surgery. However the best time for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai based on the age is between 20-66 years but consultation from the board certified plastic surgeon should be taken for the final word.


Due to recent advancements in technology, the breast reconstruction surgery can be done at any age, any time but it is generally advised to undergo the breast reconstruction surgery right after the mastectomy/lumpectomy procedure so that the patient can achieve the original desired look and feel of their breasts back. However, the surgery differs from patient to patient and that’s the reason why best time for breast reconstruction surgery in Dubai can only be determined by your plastic surgeon after the mastectomy/ lumpectomy.

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