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What is breast augmentation?

What is breast augmentation?

For women, their appearance and look is very important for them. No woman will compromise for this. When it comes to your breasts when they will be in proportion to your body, you will look more attractive and appealing. For having the breasts as you think and want breast augmentation in Dubai can be your choice. Moreover, it can also help you out if there are some other reasons for underdeveloped breasts naturally or due to some surgery or if they vary in size.

There are so many techniques and procedures for changing the sizes and shapes of breast. They can be natural or surgical. But breast augmentation in Dubai is the most time saving and safe method you can go for.

Why breast augmentation is needed?

  • If the size of your breast is small naturally.
  • To restore the size of breast after some surgery.
  • To regain the breast size after pregnancy or weight loss.


  • The whole procedure will take one to two hours.
  • You will be given the local anesthesia. The other option can be general anesthesia.
  • Incisions will be made under your breast tissues.
  • Implants will be placed in the space, by assuring the same size of both the breasts.
  • After the placement of implants, the incisions will be closed using stitches.

Risks in breast augmentation:

  • Scars can occur on your skin.
  • It can be painful.
  • Area around the implants can become hard. Which can affect the implants but it’s temporary.
  • Wrinkles can occur on the area above the implants.
  • Implant leakage can be caused.
  • Infection can be caused.
  • Bleeding can occur.

Advantages of breast augmentation:

  • Your underdeveloped breasts can be made bigger.
  • It is faster process as compared to other methods.
  • It will boost up your self assurance and self esteem by improving your appearance.
  • Its results are on permanent basis.

In a nutshell, if you really want your desired breasts. Make them as you want in faster and affective way.

Asiya Ismail
Breast Augmentation Dubai

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