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what are the factors to ponder on when interested in breast reduction?

what are the factors to ponder on when interested in breast reduction?

If you desire to reduce your breasts your choice should be breast reduction in Dubai. Dubai offers the breast reduction procedure, the procedure of decreasing the size of large breasts and reshaping them.

As many women desire larger breasts, but it can be headache for some too. Larger breasts can cause back, shoulder and neck pain and make your regular tasks uncomfortable. For this purpose you can think of breast reduction procedures and breast reduction in Dubai should be in your primary list.

Breast reduction surgery gives the permanent results. But breasts can become larger or change in shape can occur in case of gain or loss of weight or pregnancy.

It is noticeable that breast reduction surgery is not just for women. This can also facilitate men.

Before the procedure of breast reduction:

  • Before the procedure your and your family‚Äôs medical history should be known.
  • If your breasts have undergone through any surgical procedure before, it should be in the knowledge of the surgeon.
  • Your daily routine should be known to the surgeon:

Breast reduction procedure:

  • It can be done as an outpatient procedure or you would have to stay for a night in hospital.
  • General anesthesia will be given during procedure.
  • Whole process will take two to five hours.
  • Cut will be made around the nipple which will extend downwards on the breast.
  • Extra fat and tissue will be removed and nipple will be repositioned.
  • Stitches will close the cuts.

After the procedure of breast reduction:

  • You will need to wear surgical bra.
  • Stitches will be removed after one or two weeks.

Benefits of breast surgery in Dubai:

  • It is the most affective procedure.
  • You will feel satisfied with your appearance after this procedure.
  • You will feel comfortable with your routine tasks.
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