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Tips to make your large breasts look smaller

Tips to make your large breasts look smaller

Are large breasts making you self-conscious? Do you want to minimize the apparent size of breasts without losing your overall weight? If yes, Breast Reduction may be an option worth considering. Consult and experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon and get excess fat and tissues removed from your chest to get your desired breast size and shape.

However, some women are not convinced to undergo a surgical treatment because of any reason. If you also want your breasts to look smaller without undergoing surgery or losing your overall weight, here are few tips that will make your larger breasts look smaller without much effort.

Go for a minimizer bra:

There is a common misconception that by wearing a smaller-size bra you can reduce your bra size by a few cups, which is not true. Wearing a bra that is too small does nothing; rather it will make your breasts more prominent by squeezing them. Minimzer bras, on the other hand, are really effective. Instead of squeezing your large breasts, they will redistribute your breast tissues creating the illusion of a slimmer bosom. Minimizing bra can be found at any good departmental store. If you fail to find one, sports bra will also work.

Wear Dark colors:

Wearing dark colors not only make you look slim but also minimize the impact of your overly large breasts. For all those women who are well endowed, well-fitted black blazers make perfect professional attire. For your evening gatherings, you can safely and confidently wear a moderately-fitted black dress.

Fit correctly:

Common wisdom says that fitting of your clothes plays a key role in making your bosom prominent or obscured. Clothes that are too tight at the chest area will make your bustline more prominent while loose clothes will make you look heavier than you actually are. So always wear moderately fitted clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose.

Wear the right top:

The top you wear is crucial when it comes to minimizing your apparent breast size. V neck blouses and sweaters can be quite flattering. Cardigans are of a great help for all those women who want their breasts to be as less noticeable as possible.

For all those who are interested in surgical breast reduction, Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers the procedure at reasonable rates. Fill the free online consultation form and let our team of internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeons help you attain your desired figure.

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