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Things to Do Before Breast Augmentation

Things to Do Before Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a major surgery that needs a meticulous pre- and post-procedure care. While a good post-op care ensures smooth, uneventful recovery, preparing yourself properly for the procedure is necessary for getting the most out of the surgery. Here are things that you should start doing at least a couple of weeks prior to your surgery to be sure your surgery will be a success.

Things to do two weeks before surgery:

  • Stop taking all blood thinners (aspirin, ibuprofen, plavix, warfarin etc.), even if they have been prescribed by your doctor for treating blood pressure or any other medical condition. Several supplements such as cod liver oil, garlic and omega-3 also fall under this category. So be sure to discuss with your surgeon any medications or supplements that you are using.
  • Quit smoking. Even a single cigarette can affect your recovery and the overall outcome of the surgery big time. Cigarettes supply your body nicotine and carbon monoxide, both of which hamper healthy healing. Smoking will slow down your overall healing process, making you more susceptible to infections and scarring.
  • Get all the recommended tests performed at least two weeks prior to the surgery. By doing so you will have enough time to get any test repeated, if required.

Things to do one week before surgery:

  • All payments for the breast augmentation surgery should be completed at least a week before surgery.
  • Make arrangements for transportation to and from the hospital. You can go to the hospital at your won but you should arrange someone who could help you come back from the hospital, since after the surgery you will not be able to drive.
  • Fill your prescription. This generally includes pain medications, muscle relaxants and antibiotics
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Protect yourself from infections, including flu and cold. If you get affected by any, inform your surgeon immediately. All infections must be treated and cured before your enlargement surgery.

Things to do one day before surgery:

  • Prepare clothes to wear to the clinic on the day of surgery. Your clothes should be loose fitted. You don’t need to wear a bra to the clinic, since you will be required to remove it for surgery and will not be in a position to wear it after the surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight prior to your surgery. You must be empty stomached at the time of surgery.

Things to do on the day of surgery:

  • Take a shower as usual
  • Make sure you have shaved/waxed your armpits
  • Do not apply body lotion, antiperspirants or any other cosmetics
  • Take your blood pressure medication (if any) but do not take diabetes medications
  • Bring all your prescriptions along you
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