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The True Meaning of Breast Lift Scars

The True Meaning of Breast Lift Scars

Breast lift surgery is quite commonplace these days due to its effectiveness. Women tend to get this surgery to correct the droopiness of their bosom. Breast life surgery can also be combined with breast augmentation.

Like all surgeries, there are certain risks that are associated with this surgery. Some of them are related with the appearance of the breasts after the surgery while others are related with possible health issues. We are going to look into these possible issues in the following lines.


Breast lift scars are very common. Most often, these scars fade away with time. Thick mushroom shaped scars can be formed at the area of incisions due to quick healing process. These breast life scars can leave other areas hardened as well due to abnormal scar tissue formation.


Like all surgeries, the risk of infection is there with a breast life surgery. The infection can take place generally between one to six weeks after the surgery.


It is an accumulation of blood which can get trapped under the incision. If it is small, body is able to absorb them. However, larger hematomas need to be removed surgically. Since they cause a disruption of blood supply, they can cause tissue death in the breast and nipple so they must be treated.

Reaction to Anesthesia

General anesthesia is administered for a breast lift surgery. Some people can have reactions to anesthesia which is mainly dependent on the age, current health condition and the type of anesthesia that is being used. Usually the reactions are in form of shivering, vomiting and slow down of mental function temporarily. Other more severe reactions too can take place but are rare.

Altered Sensation

An altered sensation in the breast or areola may be felt after a breast lift surgery. It is quite common but generally is only temporary. While some women feel very little sensation in the area, others may feel extra sensitivity in the area.




Healing process in each patient differs which may result in asymmetry in the breasts after the breast lift surgery. These are generally minor differences in most cases. In case there is a clear cut difference, further surgery can be performed to correct the issue.

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