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Scarless breast reduction – A fact or a myth?

Scarless breast reduction – A fact or a myth?

Breast reduction is one of the numerous cosmetic procedures specially designed for women to help them improve their figure and get their desired breast size and shape. Women, especially young girls, aging between 22 and 30, are often found complaining of small breast, but there are many who want to get rid of extra flab and reduce their breast size. Are you also a candidate for breast reduction? Have you been avoiding the surgery because you are afraid of getting visible permanent scars on your breasts? Wondering does there really exist something like Scarless breast reduction?

Permanent scarring is one of the few side effects associated with a breast reduction surgery, but that doesn’t mean that every woman undergoing this type of surgery will end up with a visible breast reduction scar. And even if it does happen, getting rid of these kinds of scars is no more impossible. You can get your scar revised anytime after surgery, but that is one extreme and a vast majority of the women who undergo breast enhancement or breast reduction surgery recover from it without getting any visible scar.

The shape and color of your breasts provide natural camouflage for breast reduction scars. An experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon with good surgical skills makes incisions so aesthetically that your body naturally covers up a major part of the scar. They make incisions in folds and along the creases in such a way that they are extremely hard for people to notice them, unless you tell them or they have a closer look at your breasts. The incisions are made around on the breast where your skin naturally bends or curves and are therefore not prominent.

Since boob jobs have gained tremendous popularity over the last decade, cosmetic plastic surgeons are trying to find out new ways that either non-invasive or minimally invasive. Laser liposuction is one such procedure that is combined with surgical breast reduction to make the surgery as less invasive as possible. Generally it requires just a one inch incision into the skin. So such a surgery can be termed as Scarless Breast Reduction, but otherwise you cannot claim that a breast reduction can be performed without a single cut or incision.

Even if you end up with a visible breast reduction scar you can get rid of it, both surgically and non-surgically. Surgical scar revision involves excision of the scar and stitching the skin again more aesthetically to minimize scar appearance. Non-surgical scar revision can be done using Fractional CO2 lasers, a latest skin resurfacing technology used for improving the appearance of all kinds of scars.

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