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Reliable Breast Reduction Procedures in Dubai

Reliable Breast Reduction Procedures in Dubai

Though fuller and large breasts are considered sign of femininity, beauty and attractiveness in women but sometimes big and bulky breasts become the reason of pain and discomfort. Extremely big breasts cause pain in chest, neck and back and are also considered aesthetically unpleasing. There is only one perfect solution for this problem that is breast reduction surgery. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai offers various techniques for breast reduction surgery in Dubai. Breast reduction is the surgical procedure in which excessive fat and skin is removed from excessively big breasts that reduces their size and make them aesthetically pleasing as well as eliminates the discomfort.

Generally breast reduction surgery takes 2 to 4 hours and requires 1 to 2 weeks for recovery depending on the alterations made. The steps of the procedure involve making incisions, removing excessive fat and skin and closing incisions. There are some post surgical instructions that are important to follow after the procedure to get successful results. This may include wearing support bra, keeping yourself away from vigorous physical activities and exercises and intake of specific medications.

There are various techniques that are used for breast reduction surgery, which differ depending on the incisions made for surgery. Below given are the techniques used for the procedure.

  • Pedicle or anchor shaped technique:

This technique is standard breast reduction technique and enormous reduction in the breast size can be done using this technique and in this procedure blood supply to the nipple and areola is not affected. In this technique, incision is made around the nipple, vertically down towards breast crease and surrounds it.

  • Benelli, periareolar or circular pattern technique:

This technique is also referred to as round block technique. In this technique, incisions are made around the areola to remove excessive fat and skin.

  • Vertical scar technique:

This technique is less invasive as compared to other techniques. Incision is made around the areola down towards breast fold known as lollipop incision.

Besides above given surgical techniques, plastic surgeons also perform liposuction to remove excessive fat from breasts that reduces the size of breasts. This method is used because there is limited use of incisions in this procedure and is also known as scar-less breast reduction. However, as the excessive skin is not removed during this procedure, it does not lift breasts and breasts will be loser after the procedure. This procedure is useful for removing excessive weight of breasts but it does not improve breasts aesthetically because lift along with reduction gives youthful look to breasts.

It is important to mention here that if the breasts are extremely large, there is possibility that during the procedure nipple areola complex may not survive. For this purpose, free nipple graft technique is used in which NAC is removed from its position and is placed in new aesthetically pleasing position. This may lead to elimination of capability of breast feeding.

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