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Natural Remedies for Breast Lift Scars

Natural Remedies for Breast Lift Scars

Women undergo Breast lift surgery to tone up their drooping and sagging breasts; however, the unsightly breast lift scars keep them from showing off their new look. Scarring is part of the natural healing process, and same is the case with breast lift in which incisions are made around the nipples down to the breast crease to lift the saggy breasts. The incisions heal completely within a month or so but the scars take several months to fade away. Expect your skin to remain red, puckered and lumpy for many months.

First and foremost thing you need to do is to follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions carefully. Your doctor will provide you with detailed, comprehensive list of instruction that you need to follow if you want to enjoy an uneventful recovery. These instructions may include cleaning the wounds, applying some ointment on the skin, oral medications (antibiotics), massaging and icing the area if it swells. Also avoid exposing your wounds to direct sunlight, get plenty of sleep and increase your consumption of liquids, especially water. This will help your wounds recover quickly without developing any infection.

However, if you have already developed unsightly lumpy breast lift scars, don’t fret. You can always opt for breast lift scar revision. However, it is once again a surgical procedure and not many women feel like going under the knife once again. If you also don’t want to repeat that practice of cutting and stitching the skin again, you can always try natural remedies in the privacy of your home to improve the appearance of these nasty scars on your breasts.


Tomatoes are mostly used in fresh salads, but you can also use them to improve the appearance of scars resulting from a boob job, be it breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin K, a nutrient essential for reducing scars. You can ingest tomatoes as well as apply them directly to the scars. Mash tomatoes to get a smooth paste and apply it to the breast lift scars daily before taking bath. Let the paste dry on your skin before you rinsing it off.

Other foods rich in Vitamin K include, green cabbage, kale, spinach and chard.


Banana is also very effective when it comes to scar reduction. Mash the pulp of a ripe banana and apply it directly to the breast scars. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with normal water.


Onions are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. This enzyme helps relieve skin and improve the appearance of even stubborn scars. Apply freshly squeezed onion juice to breast scars daily to see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of scars in a couple of months.

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