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Natural Breast Enhancement Exercises & Eating Habits

Natural Breast Enhancement Exercises & Eating Habits

Do you think your breasts are too short? Are you seeking an effective yet inexpensive way for breast enhancement? Your friends might have suggested you to undergo breast augmentation surgery and enjoy a bosom that you have always wished for. But we understand that not everybody can afford this expensive cosmetic procedure. For some cost may be a deterring factor while for others it is the pain and long recovery time that prevents them from going under the knife.

If you also fall in the latter group, which cannot afford Breast Enhancement surgery because of any reason, here are some exercises and dietary changes that are really helpful in increasing female breast size by several cups.

Exercises for Breast Enhancement:

Physical exercises and weight lifting can be a good and safe way of enlarging breasts. There are numerous chest enhancing exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home to enlarge your breast size naturally. These include pushups, dumbbells, bench-presses and chest presses against wall. All these exercises involve pectoralis major muscle – the muscle that lies just below your breasts.

Dietary Changes:

If you think you are very smart and slim, putting on a few pounds may help you attain your desired breast size. Increase your daily calorie intake and see if it works. Also increase your consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Sometimes over-production of testosterone prevents your breasts from blooming. This situation can be successfully countered by eating foods rich in phytoestrogen. Estrogen-enriched foods include kidney beans, soy beans, garlic, cucumber, carrot and peas.

Herbs that are effective in enhancing chest size include fenugreek, fennel seeds and red clover. The best way to consume these herbs is in the form of herbal tea. Steep any of these herbs in a cup of hot water for 8 to 10 minutes and drink it 2 to 3 times a day.

Patience is the key:

All these exercises and dietary changes are without any doubt really effective, but they all need your time and patience to deliver. There is no such remedy that could enlarge your breasts overnight. Even surgical breast enhancement takes several months before a woman is able to enjoy her new look.

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