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Know the Dangers of Having Breast Implants

Know the Dangers of Having Breast Implants

For women, having the perfect bosom is an important part of their femininity and can add a lot of confidence to their personality. It is human nature to strive for perfection and having breast implant for women is part of that struggle. Generally these surgeries are quite successful and the results that were originally intended are achieved.

However, there are certain dangers that are associated with breast implants at the same time. These can be of mild as well as serious nature. We shall have a look into these dangers in the following lines.


Excisions are made for the implants to be inserted into the chest. Once this is done, they are sutured. For the most part, these scars fade away and are not very prominent in the longer run. However, severe scarring can be caused by this surgery especially in case of poor healing. A separate treatment may be needed in this case.

Leakage in implants

Saline implants may experience leakage due to damage caused to them owing to a variety of reasons. In this situation, the size and the shape of the implant may change. Leakage is also possible in silicone gel implants but it is rare. Aging of implants, too much handling prior to insertion, physical trauma and too much or too little filling of the implant can all lead to leakage. Certain medical procedures too can cause the rupture so always check with your doctor prior to undergoing invasive procedures.


Like all surgeries, infections can be caused during breast augmentation. If the healing is poor or the living conditions are unhygienic, there is a serious risk of catching an infection after the insertion of breast implants.


The symmetry of the breasts add to the physical appeal of a woman. However, there is a risk of asymmetric breasts after a breast implant. The plastic surgeons generally are good enough to not leave any such issues but it cannot be ruled out altogether.

Breast Pain

Pain in breasts may be felt after the surgery. Generally this is temporary but if persists, you must consult a doctor to ensure that there is no health issue.

Change in sensation in breast and nipple

The sensation in the nipples and breasts can be associated with breast implants. Generally the sensation will become similar to the original one but in some cases, complete feeling may not return. This can affect the sexual life to some extent.

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