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Kaley Cuoco had breast augmentation

Kaley Cuoco had breast augmentation

Human desire of physical perfection seems to be an unending affair. People are never completely satisfied with how they look and always feel that they can do a little better. Plastic surgeries of all kinds are commonplace. Gyms are filled with people looking to get their bodies toned down and beach perfect.

For women, breasts are an important part of their physical appearance and they want them to be perfect.For this purpose, many women opt for various different options including breast implants. With modern techniques and implants available, the surgery is quite successful around the globe. The United Arab Emirates too has a seen a surge in breast augmentation procedures.

This list of those opting for the surgery includes a large number of celebrities as well. While most keep mum about their procedures, some are quite willing to discuss them at a length. Bing Bang Theory’s Penny, otherwise known as Kaley Cuoco is one of the people who not only got a breast augmentation but also talks about it quite comfortably.

The 29-year-old shot to fame initially through the sitcom 8 Simple Rules. She later made some appearances in Charmed before landing her career defining role in Big Bang Theory. With a payday of a million dollars per episode and her marriage with tennis star Ryan Sweeting, she surely is on cloud nine.

Cuoco’s journey, however, has not been all smooth. She particularly stressed over how her bosom looked and underwent breast augmentation at an early age. The actress feels that it was one of the best things ever for her as she felt better about herself.

“I had no boobs! And it really was the best thing ever! I always felt ill-proportioned. My implants made me feel more confident in my body,” Kaley said.

By the looks of it, the actress from Los Angeles, California is quite content with how she now looks and the breast implants are working well for her. It was probably one of the best decisions Kaley has taken as it allowed her to feel more confident.

Women around the globe suffer from similar issues and are unsure what to do about it. The best way to deal with this problem is to see a doctor and understand the possibilitieswith breast augmentation. It can help restore your confidence and can make you look more attractive.

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