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Is it safe to have exercise with breast implant?

Is it safe to have exercise with breast implant?

Too many women face the regret of underdeveloped or small breasts or sometimes loss of breast. But why to worry when cosmetic surgery has advanced in a tremendous way. Now you have got the solution to your problem. You can have breast implant in Dubai to get charming breasts.

There can be a lot of reasons for small breasts. This might be due to hormonal imbalance, heredity or sometimes after a surgery like for breast cancer you can lose your breasts. Though they can be regained by surgical procedures effectively but still before and after going through the surgery you have a lot of questions in your mind. Some of the important questions that a lot of women ask are: can I have exercise with implants? Would it be safe? Will it cause any damage to implants or not? Here are some facts about exercise with breast implants.

When you can resume exercise again after breast implant in Dubai?

Generally it is recommended that you can restart your exercise three weeks after the surgery. Because till that time risk of bleeding gets over. However the duration for restarting the exercise can vary from individual to individual keeping in mind their conditions and situations. You can restart it at the appropriate time, as advised by the surgeon. The exercise after placement of implants is beneficial. It will make your pectoralis muscles stronger and thicker, which give support to implants and more natural looking result is availed. Moreover exercise can also help in adjustment and accommodation of breasts. If you are exercising previously and you have good muscle tone, you can continue to regular activities sooner. However it can be little bit uncomfortable in start. If your implants are large it can be the reason of pain in shoulders, arms and back’s muscles. Exercise will help you out to ease them.

What type of exercise you can do?

It also varies from woman to woman. The factors that are responsible for variations are your muscle tone, size of implants and most of all type of surgical procedure performed. If implants are too large, sometimes they hinder and cause discomfort during exercise.

Can size of implant affect the exercise?

Exercise can get affected by implant size. If it’s too large it can be the reason of discomfort. However when is similar to natural breast size, it can minimize your discomfort.

Things not to do in first two weeks:

You should not carry any heavy object, lift your arm above the shoulder or stretch them backwards. You must also keep yourself away from pushing and pulling objects. Doing so will help your muscles to stretch and heal. It would give better results.

In short, need, pros and risks of exercise after implant vary from person to person. You can get appropriate advice about exercise after breast implant in Dubai from the surgeons.

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