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Is Breast Reduction a Safe Option?

Is Breast Reduction a Safe Option?

It is an undoubtedly safe and effective procedure for relieving all the problems and discomforts that can be caused by large breasts, including undue attention to the breasts as well as neck and back muscle pain. During breast reduction excess fat, skin and glandular tissues are removed from the skin to reduce female breast size and give them the desired shape.

The specific technique used for reducing the breast size may vary from one surgeon to another. The most commonly used technique involves making an incision around the areola and down to the chest. Extra tissues, fat and skin are then removed from the breasts to reduce their size. Most of the times the nipple and areola are not detached from the breasts during the surgery to preserve their blood supply. However, if desired reduction in breast size is too much, the surgeon may also remove the nipple and areola and reattach them at a higher position as a skin graft. In the first case the feeling in the nipples is not lost whereas the latter technique makes the nipples numb after surgery.

Any adult woman who is not satisfied with her large breasts is a candidate for breast reduction surgery. However, an ideal candidate is the one who is in good health and has realistic goals and expectations. Teenage girls who wish to undergo breast reduction surgery are recommended to wait until their breasts are fully developed. However, if overly large breasts are hindering your ability to perform day to day task, your surgeon may consider performing the surgery while your body is still growing.

Having that said, it is pertinent to mention here that to be an ideal candidate for breast reduction your breasts should be so large that after removing excess tissues and fat you should have enough glandular tissues left behind to be reshaped into breasts of your desired size and shape.

As with any other surgery, breast reduction also involves some complications and side effects, but as far as you are in the hands of an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon, the risk factor is typically very low. So, if you want to have an uneventful surgery, go for a board-certified surgeon with at least 5-year experience of performing breast surgeries. Also follow your doctor’s pre and post-op instructions carefully to make sure you do not develop any complications or side effects.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery also offers breast reduction surgery to the women living with overly large breasts. We also offer free online consultations. Fill the online consultation form and discuss your needs and expectations as well as concerns regarding breast reduction surgery with our internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeons.

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