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How to Reduce Scar Tissues after Breast Implants

How to Reduce Scar Tissues after Breast Implants

Scarring is one realistic side effect of breast implant surgery, but no woman wants to end up with ugly looking permanent, visible scars on their breasts after spending thousands of dollars on the surgery. Despite disliking surgery scars, a vast majority of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery have to live with unsightly scars on their breasts. Fortunately there are some really simple things that you can do to effectively reduce scar tissues after breast implant surgery. Continue reading to find your options:

Silicone bandage or sheeting:

The simplest and easiest way to improve appearance of breast scars by reducing their thickness is through silicone-based bandages. You can easily find these bandages and sheetings at nearest drug stores. Daily use silicone sheeting on the breast scars for best results. Some doctors also recommend their patients topical creams and gels containing silicone. These creams and lotions also offer similar results.

Apply cortisone creams:

Cortisone creams are known for softening hard scar tissues. Applying such creams daily to the breast implant scars may cause them to shrink in size. However, make sure you apply cortisone cream to the scars only after the wounds have completely healed.

Pressure bandages also work really well:

Pressure bandages are also known to significantly improve appearance of raised scars. Applying pressure bandages helps to flatten the scars, making them less noticeable. However, these bandages need time and patience of the patient to deliver best results. You may have to apply these bandages to the scars daily for several months before you will be able to see the results.

Dietary changes:

Like any other wound, breast incisions also respond very well to dietary changes. Complement your daily diet with vitamin E and you will notice significant improvement in the condition of your scars and wounds within weeks. The best way to increase your vitamin E intake is through fruits and vegetables rich in this nutrient. However, if you feel you cannot consume enough vitamin E this way, go for vitamin E supplements, which are easily available. However, do not forget to discuss the daily dosage with your surgeon.

Laser Skin Resurfacing may be worth considering:

If nothing works, laser skin resurfacing may be worth considering. The treatment uses high intensity laser beams to break hard scar tissues, promote healing and accelerate collagen and elastin production. This will not only reduce breast implant scars, but will also help improve the appearance of your skin.

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