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How to Grow Your Breasts without surgery?

How to Grow Your Breasts without surgery?

Are you not satisfied with the size and shape of your natural breasts, but are reluctant to undergo the pain and expense of breast augmentation surgery? Don’t worry since you are not alone. Every other woman today is unsatisfied with her assets and is seeking natural ways to enlarge her breasts. While the effect of natural remedies are always subtler than the breast implant surgery, with a little effort and patience you can significantly improve your bust size. Continue reading to know different ways to grow your breasts naturally:

The easiest and safest way of increasing breast size is through diet and exercise.

Build your pectoral muscles:

Breasts are composed of soft glandular tissues and do not contain any muscles, this is the reason apparently increasing breast size through exercise does not seem to be possible. But you can enhance your bosom by building the pectoral muscles – lying under the breasts. You may not be a great fan of ironing your clothes, but it is the simplest way to build pectoral muscles. If you are seeking some regular strength training exercise for improving your breast size then try pushups and chest presses. Do 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of these exercises 3 to 5 times every week and feel the difference.

Focus on your back and shoulder muscles as well:

Pectoral muscles are not the only ones to affect your breast size. You need to strengthen your shoulder and back muscles as well to ensure your enhanced breast profile is proportionate with the rest of figure. Toning these muscles with regular strength training exercise will give your upper body a firm and toned appearance making your breasts to appear bigger and shapelier. Y Raise and Renegade Row are two simple strength training exercises for back and shoulder muscles.

Dietary changes:

Increase your consumption of soy products and see your breast size increasing within a few weeks. Soy is rich in phytoestrogen, a naturally substitute of estrogen – female reproductive hormone responsible for breast development. Soy can be found in soy milk, tofu, soy nut butter and edamame.

Don’t worry about gaining weight:

If you are thin, you can safely enlarge your breasts by putting on a few pounds. Breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissues so gaining weight would allow you to transfer some of the fat to the breast area as well, making your breasts to appear larger and perkier. Therefore, increase your calorie intake for a few weeks and see the results. However, avoid eating unhealthy, junk foods.

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