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How to enlarge breasts naturally?

How to enlarge breasts naturally?

Women always want to have an hour glass shape with fairly large breasts since female breasts are considered as a symbol of femininity but also an essential part of their beauty. Young girls try different tips and tricks to enhance their bosom, wearing multiple bras or padded bras being the most common way to attain desired bust size. However, this is just a temporary fix and does not actually increase your breast size.

Breast Augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or boob job, is considered as a more permanent and effective way of increasing a female breast by several cups. However, since the surgical solutions are quite expensive, not every short-busted woman can afford it. If you also can’t afford surgical breast augmentation, you can always try different natural remedies for the same purpose. Here we will share with you three really effective tips to enlarge your breasts naturally in the comfort of your home.

Eat healthy to balance your hormones:

Female hormones are mainly responsible for giving women the right curves during puberty. One hormone that causes female breast enlargement is estrogen. If you feel your breasts fail to bloom properly during puberty, try regulating your estrogen level by consuming foods rich in Phytoestrogen, such as Fennel seeds, Fenugreek seeds, sesame seed, walnuts, pistachio and cashew nuts. Phytoestrogen rich vegetables include Fenugreek leaves, garlic, cucumbers, winter squash, beets and carrots etc.

Engage in exercises that increase breast size:

Besides eating foods rich in phytoestrogen, it is important that you physical stimulate your breast growth by engaging in breast exercises. Add to your daily workout regimen exercises that strengthen pectoralis major muscle, the one that lies directly below the breast. Strengthen this area will not only help increase your breast size but will also make your breasts firmer. Examples of exercises that strengthen pectoralis major muscles include pushups, chest press, wall press and chest compressions.

Massage your breasts regularly:

Breast massage is probably the best way to naturally enlarge your bustline. Rub some natural oil between your palms of hands and then massage it on your breasts in circular motion 100 to 300 times. Do this twice every day for two to three months to see the results. Besides increasing the size of your breasts, massaging will also help maintain the health of your breasts.

A naturally enhanced bustline will not only help your clothes to fit better but will also give you the much needed confidence as a woman. All these tips are very effective in enlarging breasts. The only downside of natural remedies is that they need a lot of time and patience to deliver. If you are seeking an instant fix for short breasts, Breast Augmentation may be worth considering. Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers all sorts of breast surgeries at affordable rates.

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