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How to Decide Breast Size in a Breast Reduction

How to Decide Breast Size in a Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction surgery becomes necessary for well-endowed women once their assets start hurting them by causing neck pain, back ache, shoulder pain. If you are also facing these issues because of large breasts and are planning to undergo breast reduction surgery, it is important that you should be clear about your new breast size. It is not like you will go to your plastic surgeon, ask him to reduce your breasts and he will do so. The very first thing that your doctor will ask you is, “exactly what breast size or cup size you want to have”. So, make sure you are prepared for this question when you go for your first consultation. It is pertinent to mention here that the answer to this question is not as simple as saying 34C or 36B. You will have to first think about different breast sizes that how they will affect your overall figure. Continue reading to know few key ways that will help you determine the right breast size for you.

Ask your doctor to recommend you a cup size:

Reducing just a couple of cup sizes may not be enough to help relieve the stress on your shoulders and neck. Your plastic surgeon will have a better idea of how much breast reduction will help relieve these symptoms. So, discuss your case with the doctor and ask him or her to recommend you which breast size will be better for you. The last thing that any women would want is to go to the operating table twice for the same problem.

Discuss your situation with your partner:

It is not only you who will be affected by the breast reduction surgery; your significant other (if any) will also suffer great time from the surgery. So discuss your situation with him and seek his input on the situation. He may guide you in a better way and support you as well through the surgery.

Look at the pictures of different breast sizes:

By looking at the pictures of different breast sizes, you will be able to get a better idea of how you will look like with a new reduced bosom. You can look at the picture online or ask your doctor to show you before and after pictures of the women he has operated for breast reduction in the past.

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