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How much time is required for recovery after breast reduction surgery?

How much time is required for recovery after breast reduction surgery?

Large size of breasts is desire of a lot of women. They try different techniques and methods to get bigger and fuller breasts. But sometimes big breasts become headache for you. A lot of women who have bigger breasts naturally go for the techniques to reduce their size. There is most suitable and affective method, breast reduction in Dubai. But whenever you go for any surgical procedure, you get a lot of questions in your mind about various issues which have primary importance before, during and after the surgery. One of the most important question is about the recovery time after the procedure.

Successful, desired or quick results of any surgical procedure greatly depend on you. If you take proper care after the surgery, you will get better results and less time for recovery after breast reduction in Dubai.

How quickly can you recover from breast reduction?

The recovery time after breast reduction varies from patient to patient. You can become able to function after a day or two but your breasts will remain aching and discomforting you for some weeks. You can restart your work approximately after two weeks. But you will have to avoid yourself from heavy activities and exercises for two months. You will have to limit yourself to light exercises and work.

When will you get rid of surgical bandages?

After the breast reduction bandages will be applied on your breasts to support them. They will be removed after one or two days. But after that you will have to wear surgical bra. Depending on your condition and surgical procedure performed you will have to wear this bra for next one to two weeks.

How long will it take for healing of the incisions?

Incisions made during the surgery are closed with stitches. Sometimes these stitches are dissolvable or sometimes they are removed one or two weeks after the surgery. The healing of incisions is greatly subject to taking proper medicines. This will avoid any infections. Moreover if you are smoker, quit smoking because smoking delays the healing process. If any clips are used during the surgery, they will also be removed after nearly five days.

How long will it take to get rid of swelling and bruising?

After the surgery swelling and bruising is common. This condition will subside for nearly two to three weeks. However some medications will be prescribed by the surgeon. Purpose of these medications is to give you comfort from swelling and bruising. If manage with the medications properly, you will be able to recover quickly.

How much time is required for scars to heal?

At the site of incisions scars will be left. These scars can last for several months or sometimes for years. The appearance of scars greatly depends on the type of procedure performed. Moreover if you take proper care in healing of incisions during the recovery period, it will help to minimize the scars by lowering the risk of infection. Any infection in incisions can make the scars worse.

You will be given specific instructions for better and quick recovery. You must take care in following the medicines properly whether they are oral or for the purposes of applying for healing. You should see the surgeon after the procedure with gap of few days for progress reports and checkup. If you manage with it properly you will worth breast reduction in Dubai.

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