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How much does Breast Augmentation Cost?

How much does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast Augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in Dubai with thousands of women going under the knife every year to increase their breast size by one or more cups. However, one factor that deters a vast majority of women from undergoing surgical breast enhancement is the high cost of procedure. Do you also want to know breast augmentation cost? You have landed in the right place. Here we will discuss all the factors that play a vital role in determining the cost of procedure.

There is no fixed price for breast enlargement. Cost of treatment varies significantly from place to place and from one surgeon to another, depending on the geographic location of the clinic as well as the expertise of the doctor performing the surgery. Same goes with the Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai; there is no fixed rate for the surgery every surgeon or clinic will charge you differently for the procedure. Your total cost of surgery will be determined by the following factors:

  • Type of breast implants you want:

Your cost of treatment primarily depends on the type of breast implants you want. Cost of getting silicone implants is higher than that for saline implants.

  • Experience and reputation of the surgeon:

Experience and reputation of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure also plays a vital role in determining total cost of procedure. A highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience will obviously charge you more as compared to the one who has just started practice.

  • Technique that your surgeon is using:

Different techniques are used for placing implants between breast tissues and cost for each technique used is different. So your overall treatment cost will be affected by which technique your physician is using.

  • Geographic location and repute of the clinic:

Geographic location of your clinic is also an important factor when it comes to determining the cost of surgery. For example, breast centers in big cities will charge you more as compared to those in small towns or suburbs of big cities.

  • Your service provider’s desired profit margin:

Your provider’s desired profit margin is probably the deciding factor when it comes to the total cost of treatment. Every clinic has its own profit margin regardless of the implant type or the technique used for reshaping the breasts.

Dubai Cosmetic Surgery offers Breast Augmentation at reasonable price. If you are interested visit the clinic today or make a free online consultation and discuss your case with one of our highly skilled, board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons.

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