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How much breast reconstruction Surgery cost in Dubai

How much breast reconstruction Surgery cost in Dubai

Breast reconstruction surgery cost in Dubai is determined by the type of breast reconstruction procedure and type of implant that you are going to choose. The cost also differs if you want to get breast reconstruction surgery with nipple reconstruction procedure and it also differs if you’ve any complications in the breast. Normal cost of breast reconstruction surgery starts from $10,889 to $13,612 and if the nipple reconstruction procedure independently costs about $5,444 to $6,806. The details about the type breast reconstruction procedure and its related costs are given below.

Breast Reconstruction:

Breast reconstruction surgery cost in Dubai is estimated at $13,612 or AED 50,000. The procedure is done after mastectomy or lumpectomy and is done to create a new breast. The breast reconstruction surgery aims to provide the mastectomy or lumpectomy patients with desired shape, size and feel of their breasts. This can be done in two ways, one is to place the implant inside the breast pocket and other is to take fat grafts from the patient’s own body and utilize them to create a new breast. Both the practices are successful and are done under supervision of board certified plastic surgeon. Both the procedures and their details are as under

Fat transfer Breast Reconstruction cost

Fat transfer breast reconstruction costs around $10,889 to $13,619. The Fat transfer breast reconstruction is done by taking the tissues from donor areas of the patient and then utilizing the tissues to create a new breast. The donor region is determined by the plastic surgeon after proper examination of the body but the grafts can be taken from

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Other appropriate areas

The fat transfer/fat grafting treatment acts as a free liposuction procedure as excessive fats are taken from the donor region and then they are moved to chest are to create a new breast. The size and shape of the breast in this procedure is dependent on the excessive fat tissues available in the donor region.

Implant based breast reconstruction cost

Implant based Breast reconstruction surgery costs about $13,612 or AED 50,000. This procedure works in way that the breast implants either saline bag or silicone implant are placed inside the expanded breast pocket to achieve a new breast. Basically this procedure works in two steps, first step is expansion of breast pocket to appropriate size and the second step is to place the implant inside the breast. Saline bag or silicone gel implants are used in the procedure and both have minor differences such as

  • Saline bag are filled via injections by plastic surgeon and these implants provide more natural feel but they can lose volume overtime and are prone to rupture
  • Silicone gel implants are company filled and a bit harder than the saline bag implants but are less likely to rupture

Both the implant types are safer and provide the desired shape and look of the breasts. You can achieve any shape, volume, size or feel of the breasts with the help of implant based reconstruction surgery. Cost of both types of implant based reconstruction is said to be around $13,612 or AED 50,000.


Regardless of the reconstruction type, you can get the best breast reconstruction surgery cost in Dubai under supervision of world renowned plastic surgeons at Breast Surgery Clinic in Dubai.

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