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How much breast reconstruction is beneficial?

How much breast reconstruction is beneficial?

The procedure of breast reconstruction can be in any form, either breast enlargement or breast reduction. If you have large and uneven breasts after the operation you will undergo the process of breast reduction. After breast reconstruction you will feel good about your look and appearance. And if you select breast reconstruction in Dubai you will feel even more satisfied and good.

Breast reconstruction procedure is not treatment for breast cancer or is not responsible for returning of cancer.

Types of breast reconstruction:

  • Breast implants:

Breast reconstruction surgery can be done by the placement of silicone gel or saline implants. This surgery takes less time but it does not look and feel natural.

  • Natural tissue flaps:

In this process tissue or fat from your own body will taken and injected to the breasts. It takes more time but its look and feel is natural. For this reason tissues can be taken from back, thighs or abdomen.

  • Combination of above two methods:

In this procedure both of the above methods are used.

Whichever technique for breast reconstruction you choose, breast reconstruction in Dubai will be helpful for you.

Factors to be kept in mind before breast reconstruction:

  • Stage of cancer does not affect the procedure; rather reconstruction may be delayed due to aggressive cancers.
  • If you are smoker, you would have to quit smoking.
  • Some medical conditions such as diabetes or extreme obesity may prevent the process of breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction procedures are improved from years and years but some women may have some problems.

Complications in breast reconstruction:

  • Breast reconstruction can cause wound infection. This will last in few weeks but if it continues, implant will be taken out and will be emplaced again later.
  • If using the procedure of natural tissue flap, tissue taken from your body may die.
  • You will feel uneasiness and pain after the procedure. But it will be relieved with pain killers.
  • Tubes are used for the fluid to drain out, but sometimes fluid may congregate under the wound.

Breast reconstruction can be the most satisfying and pleasing procedure, but it would be surely so if you get for breast reconstruction in Dubai.


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