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How Breast Reduction Can Help Women Physically and Emotionally

How Breast Reduction Can Help Women Physically and Emotionally

Breasts are an important part of a woman’s body and are often associated with femininity. There are a number of procedures these days that are performed in order to achieve the perfect shape of the bosom. There is much talk about breast enlargements surgeries but one can simply not ignore the importance of breast reduction surgeries as well.

Women with very large breast or macromastia can suffer from a number of physical as well as emotional issues. It is a big problem for women that may have them due to genetic predisposition, weight gain, pregnancy or any other reason. We shall look into the phenomenon and understand better how breast reduction can help these women both physically and emotionally.

Physical Pain

Large breasts can cause plenty of pain due to their weight and size. A number of muscles have to overcorrect for them which can cause severe pain in the neck, back, shoulders and arms. Some women also feel a tingling feeling in the fingers and hands. The posture of the body is often incorrect the large bosom forces a person forward. Finding the right sized undergarments can also be a stiff task and most women have to be content with bras of incorrect sizes with their straps constantly hurting their skin.

Stress and Anxiety

A woman with large breasts often is under the microscope in the public. It is quite common that such a person has to deal with stares all the time which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. One feels that their personal space is being violated. A feeling of helplessness can creep in and a person may start feeling depressed over a period of time thinking that all hope is lost.

Physical Effects of Reduction Surgery

The physical effects of a breast reduction surgery include a more balanced physical appearance. The problem of pain due to the extra weight is also gone and a good posture can also be maintained.

Emotional Effects of Reduction Surgery

After a breast reduction surgery, women often feel more connected to their appearance in a positive manner as they feel a better bodily balance has been achieved. They are no longer worried about people staring at their oversized bosom all the time and this cuts on the stress and anxiety. Some suggest that this can be a liberating feeling for the women who previously had been suffering from anxiety due to this issue.

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