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Get that perfect hourglass shape with Breast Augmentation

Get that perfect hourglass shape with Breast Augmentation

Women that opt for breast implants to get their desired bosom truly have the chance to get the breast size that really suits their contours. More than just increasing your assets, the many options available today in implant size and shape allow you to use breast augmentation surgery to lend balance to your entire figure. Now you can make choice between different implant sizes and profiles, choosing the one that best complements your natural frame.

How to change figure with breast implants:

Every woman wants to have a classically sexy hourglass figure that the Hollywood starlets are known for, but most women are not lucky enough to be born with that iconic silhouette. This prompts them to try different exercises and home remedies, ranging from breast massages to diet changes, to enhance their bustline and create more balanced proportions. Changing the size and shape of breasts can no doubt create a more balanced silhouette, but natural remedies and massage creams do not work well for women who have naturally small breasts relative to their hip width.

If you also feel natural, topical and oral breast enlargement remedies have all failed to deliver your desired results, go for breast augmentation surgery and get your desired figure. Given below is how breast implants will affect overall figure of women with different body type:

  • Women with pear-shaped lower body:

Women with pear-shaped lower body are probably ideal candidates for breast enlargement. Getting breast implants inserted between your breast tissues will not only balance out your hips but will also make your tiny waistline more prominent, and the ultimate result will be a perfect hourglass figure.

  • Women with short waist

If you feel you have short waist, get high-profile breast implants and you will be surprised to see the outcome. It will not only enhance your bosom but will also elongate your torso, making you look tall and slim.

  • Taller, broad-shouldered women:

If you are a tall woman with broad shoulders and small breasts, undergoing breast augmentation surgery will help you balance your shoulders and chest area with the rest of your frame.

How to choose the right implants:

After going through the above mentioned details, one question that may be running through your mind is, “how you can choose the right implants”. Choosing the perfect implant size and shape for a more proportionate figure is solely your plastic surgeon’s job. All that you can do in this regard is choose a highly skilled and experienced board-certified surgeon with at least 5-year experience of performing breast augmentation surgeries.

If you are planning to undergo Breast Augmentation in Dubai, visit Dubai Cosmetic Surgery today and get that perfect hourglass shape that you have been dreaming off for years. We also offer free online consultations. Simply fill the consultation form below and let our highly skilled plastic surgeons help you in the best possible way.

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