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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure Ensures Beneficial Natural-Looking Results

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure Ensures Beneficial Natural-Looking Results

Breast augmentation is no doubt a frequently performed procedure and a number of women benefit from this procedure but there are various methods of breast augmentation and the results of every procedure differ from patient to patient. Mostly breast implants are used for this purpose but fat transfer breast augmentation is also an effective and safer option for enlargement of breasts. This is because your own body fat is used to give volume to the breasts.

Fat transfer breast augmentation in fact uses procedure of liposuction to take fat from other areas of body which are then injected in the breasts. Although, breast implants are mostly used for breast augmentation but women who want natural looking results without risks of leakage, rupture and shifting go for fat transferring. With the use of advanced techniques for the procedure, survival of fat cells reaches to fifty to seventy percent and when PRP is added to fat, survival rate of fat cells can reach up to ninety to ninety five percent. Fat transfer breast augmentation is best for those women who also want to get rid of excessive fat on certain areas of body like abdomen, thighs and arms besides breast augmentation.

In the procedure of breast augmentation through fat transfer, fat is taken from area of body having more fat through the procedure of liposuction; tumescent liposuction technique is used for this purpose. This fat is then injected in the breasts to give them volume. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and does not cause any severe side effects. In simple, fat transferring for breast augmentation is very beneficial and safe method. Below given are some of the advantages of this procedure.

  • The best thing about the procedure is that it uses your own body fat and therefore there is no chance of any tissue reaction.
  • Capsule formation is also common problem in case of using breast implants for enlargement but fat transfer does not cause any problem.
  • Fat does not harden with passage of time.
  • There is no chance of deflating or leakage in this procedure.
  • Although changes may occur in the size and shape of your breasts as a result of weight fluctuations, pregnancy or aging but this procedure does not require any replacement after certain period of time unlike breast implants.
  • Most of all, in a single procedure you can undergo two; taking fat from area of body having more fat contours that area and improves its appearance too.
  • Fat transfer is great option in some cases like correcting asymmetry of breasts and for breast reconstruction after mastectomy – surgery in which cancer affected breast tissues are removed.
  • One more important benefit of this procedure is that it requires less time for recovery and does not cause visible scars.
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