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Factors that Determine Cost of Breast Enhancement in Dubai

Factors that Determine Cost of Breast Enhancement in Dubai

As with any medical procedure, cost is an issue that needs to be considered when planning to undergo breast enhancement. It is important that you understand which factors will determine your procedure cost, since it will help you make the best decision keeping in view not only your personal needs but also your financial needs.

There are numerous factors that play a vital role in determining your cost of Breast Enhancement including your breast implant type, experience of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure as well as the geographic location the clinic where your surgery will be performed.

Implant Type:

The biggest factor in the cost of breast enhancement is the type of implants you want. There are two types of breast implants used for surgical breast enhancement

  • Silicone implants – A silicone shell filled with silicone gel
  • Saline Implants – A silicone shell filled with sterile saline solution

The manufacturer cost for silicone implants is around 1000 US dollars whereas that for saline implants is around 500 US dollars. So it is obvious that breast enhancement with silicone implants will cost you more as compared to the same surgery with saline implants. Now you must be wondering what makes the former so expensive. Women believe that silicone implants look and feel more natural as compared to saline implants and are more comfortable to live with.

Experience of the plastic surgeon:

Experience of the cosmetic plastic surgeon performing the procedure also plays a vital role in determining the cost of procedure. A highly experienced, well reputed plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of breast enhancement surgeries will obviously charge you more as compared to a novice who has just started practicing after getting the certified.

Geographic location of your provider:

Geographic location of your provider is also crucial when it comes to cost of breast enhancement. Getting the surgery done in some developed country like USA or UK will cost you more as compared to getting the same procedure done in any developing country. Also ask your doctor where he or she intends to perform the procedure, in a hospital, surgery center or office facility, since it will also affect the cost of your procedure.

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