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Does Natural Breast Enlargement Really Work?

Does Natural Breast Enlargement Really Work?

Having the perfect body is the dream of just about every woman. Breasts are an important part of the physical appearance and a lot of women have dented confidence due to the feeling of inadequately sized bosoms. Many a times the breasts may lose their shape or undergo size changes due to a number of medical conditions.

There are several treatments that are available in order to enlarge the breasts. Most of these required invasive procedures and work pretty well. However, some women are unwilling to undergo the knife for this purpose and prefer alternative options. A lot of promotion of natural breast enhancements products can be seen around these days. Do they really work or is it just a gimmick? Let’s have a closer look into the matter.

How does natural breast enhancement work?

Generally the products used for natural breast enhancements are pills that carry extracts from a number of natural herbs. These herbs contain estrogen, the female hormone which helps in stimulating the tissue growth in the breasts. This is done with the help of fluid retention in the area.

Studies on the subject

The literary and research work on the subject when it comes to the efficacy and the associated issues of this kind of breast enlargement is very little. Some users believe that the results are as per their expectations and last.

In no way it has be ascertained that they produce long term sustainable results and if they are harmless as they are claimed by those promoting them. This is a big question mark on them as lack of scientific evidence does not help anyone.

Possible Side Effects

Many doctors are concerned that they estrogen like effects of these products can cause some issues for the person using them. There is a possibility that the products may cause growth of tissue in the uterus which has been associated with Uterine Cancer.

The effects of these products is similar to the birth control pills which enhance the size of the breasts temporarily. These medications, however, also contain progesterone in order to counter the ill effects of estrogen that they contain.

So What to Do?

This is a little bit tricky to make the call on the matter. Taking all the angles into considerations, it is perhaps better to stick to more tried and tested Breast enlargement procedures rather than the unproven and largely untested natural products.

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