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Different Types of Breast Implants

Different Types of Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty or boob job, is the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure of 2013 according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) with over three hundred thousand surgeries performed in one year. The surgery is mostly performed by surgically inserting prosthesis, called breast implants, between the glandular tissues to add volume to the breasts or change their size and shape. Effectiveness of surgery and the look and feel of your breasts after the surgery depend greatly on the type of breast implants used for augmentation. In this article we will discuss different types of breast implants used for breast enhancement.

There are three main types of breast implants namely Silicone Breast Implants, Saline Breast Implants and Gummy Bear Breast Implants.

Saline Breast Implants:

Saline implants comprise of silicone shell filled with a sterile saline solution (Salt and water solution). These FDA-approved implants add a uniform shape and firmness to your breasts, however they feel a bit harder than original breast tissues. Women 18 years and above can get breast augmentation with saline implants.

One benefit of saline implants that give them advantage over silicone implants is that they do not pose a serious health risk in case of leak or rupture. Should the implant leak or rupture the saline solution will be absorbed by the body and naturally expelled out.

Silicone Breast Implants:

Silicone implants also consist of a silicone shell covering but it is filled with silicone gel. The gel filled in these implants feels more like natural breast tissues as compared to the saline solution which is relatively less consistent.

Silicone implants are the most popular implants used for breast enlargement and are equally popular among the patients and the surgeons. Women prefer Silicone implants because they look and feel more natural and do not cause much discomfort in their bodies. FDA-approved age for silicone implants is 22 years and above. The downside of silicone implants is that they pose serious health risks in case of leak or rupture.

Gummy bear implants:

Third type of implants is gummy bear implants. These are also called form-stable implants because they maintain their shape even if the outer shell is broken. These implants are also filled with silicone gel but it is thicker and has higher consistency than the traditional silicone gel implants. These implants feel a bit harder as compared to silicone and saline implants but are believed to be less likely to leak or rupture.

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