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Cost of Breast Augmentation

Cost of Breast Augmentation

How much the procedure costs is perhaps the most frequently asked question that every surgeon comes across. While this seems a simple and easy question, the answer is not straightforward. In fact, there are many considerations that must be taken into account to determine the cost of a surgery and same stands for breast augmentation.

Following are the factors which influence the cost of breast augmentation.

Location of the clinic

Just like location affects the price of simplest of things that you purchase, it also determines the cost that you are most likely to pay for your surgery. Surgeons who have clinics in affluent areas pay high charges for their clinic space and so they charge high for the procedures.

An important element that you must keep in mind is that surgeons who practice in metro areas are usually the best of the surgeons. They are those who have high credentials and enjoy good word of mouth. They are always the best surgeons to have your surgery from.           

Facility charges

Facility charges comes next in the list. Some surgeons use a small operation theatre that they have in their clinic. They lack equipments that may be needed in case of emergency and so they are likely to charge low. On the contrary, some surgeons operate in well equipped operation theatres offered by hospitals. These hospitals employ well trained and experienced staff theatres who are ready to handle emergencies. Such facilities charge high as compared to private practices.

Surgeon’s Fees

Not every surgeon charge a same amount for breast enhancement. The fee of the surgeon depends upon multiple factors like his experience, certifications, memberships, the level of demand for his surgeries and the level of the complexity of the surgery. Sometimes a patient has serious medical conditions which also determine the cost of the surgery. While asking the cost of the breast augmentation you must keep in mind that plastic and cosmetic surgeons are highly trained professionals who have years of experience in managing different types of patients’ needs.

Anesthesia Fees

You may not know that anesthesia also takes part in determining the cost of the surgery. The cheapest option is that the surgeon himself administers the anesthesia but it is not always a safe option. The surgeon is not the specialized person for administering anesthesia and so this option should be avoided.

Taking the services of an anesthetist is the safest option but it is also costly. Anesthetist is a physician who is trained to administer anesthetics.

Cost of the implant

The type of the implant also plays an important role in determining the cost of breast enhancement. Different manufacturers charge different prices for different types and sizes of implants but there is usually not much of a difference.

Medicines, post-surgery garments, mammograms (if needed) and lab tests are some other elements that directly affect the cost of your breast augmentation.

The cost of the surgery is a combination of multiple elements. It is better for safety purpose not to choose a surgeon who charges vary low amount as he may not be a trusted cosmetic surgeon. The cost is actually a trade-off between your money and all the factors that increase the possibility of high quality and satisfying results.

Take your time and make a careful and well-thought-out decision. You can also write us if you have any queries or want to know about your suitability for the surgery.

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