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Breast Reduction Surgery: For the Constantly Teased Teen

Breast Reduction Surgery: For the Constantly Teased Teen

We live in a world where a person is judged more for his or her looks than the character he or she possesses. Physical appearance is given more importance than any other aspect of the personality. This mindset unfortunately can develop at a very early age and can result a person becoming a bully.

As a girl goes through puberty, one of the effects is the development of breasts. Some girls, however, develop a very large bosom that is not balanced with their overall body size. Such issues are often a big problem for girls in their teens as those around them can start bullying them. It is not uncommon and it is one of the many reasons why a person can get bullied at in school.

Dealing with the problem

It is not an easy problem to deal with. It is one of those problems that are not easy to get rid of and the only way to have smaller breasts is to undergo a breast reduction surgery. It may not be possible in young teens so they have to stay strong and not pay attention to the nonsense they receive from others.

Physical issues

A part from bullying, large breasts also bring a baggage of many physical issues. Some girls find it hard to breathe properly. Neck and back pains are also common because of constant stress on them due to the extra weight of the breasts. Finding the undergarments of the correct size is also difficult and often girls complain about bra straps cutting into their skin.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is quite common. It has very little downtime and a patient can go home the same day as the surgery.After administrating general anesthesia, incisions are made underneath the areola. Tissues, fat and glands are taken out to reduce the size of the breasts. Once the desired size has been reached, the incisions are sutured. The surgeons bring to use their expertise in order to ensure that the shape is as per requirement.

A surgical bra needs to be worn for a couple of days after a breast reduction surgery. Bruising and swelling from the surgery can last for a few days afterwards. Moisturize the scars to help them heal quicker as per the doctor’s directions.

Once the procedure is done, the person who undergoes it feels great. There is no longer any bullying issue due to the large breasts and liberating indeed.

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