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Breast Reduction Scars – How to Avoid Scarring?

Breast Reduction Scars – How to Avoid Scarring?

Like any other surgery, Breast Reduction in Dubai also brings with it a higher risk of developing permanent scars. However, this risk can be significantly reduced by taking proper post-op care. Your surgeon will give you a list of post-operative instructions that you have to follow carefully to enjoy an eventful recovery and achieve the desired results without any complications.

Rest is essential:

You need to rest your body as much as you can for the first couple of weeks. Immediately after the surgery you will feel fatigued; this is natural. All breast surgeries, whether they are for augmentation, reduction or reconstruction, are major surgeries performed under general anesthesia and they all take toll on your entire body. So, expect to have less energy than normal for the initial few days after surgery.

Do not indulge yourself in strenuous activities:

Do not indulge yourself in any strenuous activity that could raise your pulse, or the one that requires strenuous use of arms and chest, such as exercising, weightlifting, dancing or holding a baby. It is best to refrain from running and jogging for at least 3 to 4 weeks, or until your doctor allows you. Normal walk, however, is good for you.

Avoid aspirin and aspirin containing products:

Aspirin and other such pain-medications are all blood thinning and hinder quick healing. Therefore, avoid any such medication for the first ten days after surgery at least. If you need a pain-medication for headache or pain anywhere else in the body, go for the one that does not contain aspirin, like Tylenol. Your doctor will also prescribe you some pain-killers and muscle relaxants. Use only those prescribed by the doctor. If he has not, call him again and ask him to prescribe one. Also, read all the labels carefully before taking any prescribed or un-prescribed medication.

Take your antibiotics:

While pain-killers and muscle relaxants only help ease pain, it is antibiotic that will help heal the wounds. Take your antibiotics as prescribed by the surgeon until your incisions have completely healed, usually five days after surgery.

Take proper care of your incisions:

Taking proper care of your incisions is crucial. Examine the scars carefully daily for any signs of infection or allergy. You may remove the bandage on the second day following breast reduction surgery, but do not remove the steri strips adherent tightly to the skin. These are meant to protect the incisions as they heal. Your surgeon will remove the strips for you at the three-week follow up visit.

If you have any questions regarding these post-surgery instructions or any other aspect of Breast Reduction Surgery, please contact us today by filling the free online consultation form below.

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