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Breast Reduction Scars – A surgical complication that can be avoided

Breast Reduction Scars – A surgical complication that can be avoided

Breast reduction is the most popular and the most demanded cosmetic surgery procedure in women aging 50 and above. As you age the natural force of gravity, pregnancy and breastfeeding all take their toll on your breasts causing them to droop, with the areolas and nipples pointing downward. For most women, this is a frustrating condition and they seek breast lift procedures. But if you have really large breasts, breast lift may not be a procedure worth considering; you better go for breast reduction.

What did you say? You are scared of breast reduction scars? Gone are the days when women had to live with a visible reminder of breast reduction surgery in the form of permanent post operative breast reduction scars around their areolas. Today surgeons are striving hard to find techniques that leave minimal scars after the surgery. In addition to that, even the incisions that are unavoidable are placed so aesthetically that the scars are naturally camouflaged.

Since your breast reduction scar pattern depends mainly on which technique or surgical method your physician chooses to remove excess fat, the best way to avoid visible scars on breasts is to go for a cosmetic plastic surgeon that uses minimally invasive techniques for breast reduction, such as liposuction breast reduction. In this procedure, your surgeon applies one inch incision to such extra fat out of the breasts and the incision is then stitched together. However, this technique is not used on individuals with overly large breasts.

Furthermore, before and after pictures is the best way to assess the scar pattern of the surgeries performed by a specific surgeon. If going for a traditional breast reduction surgery, ask your surgeon to show you before and after pictures of the surgeries he has performed in the past. Almost every breast reduction surgery can be performed in a way where the scars will be either camouflaged by the color of breasts or covered by the bathing suit, bra or a low-cut top.

How properly you take care of your wounds during the recovery period after breast surgery also plays a vital in determining the severity of scars. By taking proper care of your incisions, you can greatly reduce your chances of developing visible, permanent scars. Evaluate your scars daily for any signs of infection, redness or puss. See a doctor immediately if you notice any such symptoms near your surgical wounds.

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