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Breast Reconstruction – The Benefits of the Surgery

Breast Reconstruction – The Benefits of the Surgery

Mastectomy helps you successfully recover from a bout of cancer but for most of the women it is really tough to recover from the ultimate loss – loss of one or both breasts. Femininity is often associated with the curvy body of a woman. Curves of a women’s upper body are often used as a symbol of beauty. They not only make a woman attractive and beautiful but also desirable. However, mastectomy steals this symbol of beauty and femininity by causing her to lose one or both breasts. Besides a deformed body, this loss also leaves behind serious mental and psychological scars that are harder to heal, leave aside cure.

However, breast reconstruction helps regenerate your sense of femininity by restoring your lost curves. The procedure mostly involves placing artificial implants between the breast tissues that are left behind. However, if you don’t have enough tissues left in your breasts, your doctor may prefer performing the surgery by transferring skin, tissues and fat from your own body to the breasts. This technique is called DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction. Both these techniques are quite safe and help you restore your lost bosom but the latter offers more natural feel.

Mastectomy is often shocking for women and despite helping them to recover from a deadly disease it often boosts panic and depression in them. Most live their rest of the life with a fear of rejection and criticism. Breast reconstruction helps such women regain their lost self esteem and confidence. Although breast reconstruction does not help you regain your original breasts and those nipple and areola sensations, women find their reconstructed body contours similar to the curves they had before undergoing mastectomy or lumpectomy. They not only start wearing fitting clothes but also feel confident in their swimming costume. Breast reconstruction rekindles your self confidence by making you look and feel like you had never undergone mastectomy.

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