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Breast Reconstruction: How to Pick Your Breast Size

Breast Reconstruction: How to Pick Your Breast Size

Breast reconstruction surgery is probably best thing that could ever happen to breast cancer affected women, since it helps them get back the assets that cancer takes away from them. Breast reconstruction is generally done at the same time when the cancerous tissues are removed from a female breast; however, if a patient wants it can be delayed until she has recovered from mastectomy. Immediate reconstruction has various physical and psychological advantages over delayed reconstruction as you do not have to undergo a major surgery twice and after mastectomy you do not have to live without your assets.

Breast reconstruction surgery is mostly performed on both breasts, even if cancer has affected only one breast. This is because operating only one breast could lead to asymmetry. So to match the size and shape of your breasts, surgery is performed on both cancerous and unaffected breast.

Whether you opt for immediate breast reconstruction or delay it for a few months due to any reason, one decision you have to make is picking your new breast size. After breast reconstruction, you will be able to get back the breasts nearest to the original but remember they will never look and feel exactly like the original boobs that you have lost to cancer. So, always go to the surgeon with realistic expectations and mentally prepared that getting back that 34 D may not be practically possible. However, your surgeon can better tell you about which breast size will be appropriate for you.

If you were a flat-chested woman before mastectomy or lumpectomy, there is a high probability that you would settle for a B or C cup size. But remember, breast reconstruction surgery gives you a chance to get your desired cup size, so you can always get this opportunity to enhance your bosom.

Nevertheless, how large your reconstructed breasts can be depends primarily on how much breast tissues are you left with after mastectomy. The size of your chest wall and the surrounding area as well as the type of breast implants you choose will also affect your post-reconstruction size. Keeping your overall appearance, body frame and curves in mind, discuss with your surgeon what exactly you want. The surgeon will also consider your bone structure and muscle mass before suggesting you an appropriate breast size.

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