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Breast Reconstruction Helps Patients Regain Self Confidence

Breast Reconstruction Helps Patients Regain Self Confidence

One of the most prominent things that differentiate women from men is a fuller and firmer chest, probably this is the reason that small busted women are often found searching for ways to increase their breast size. Now imagine for a while losing or deforming your breasts due to any reason. How will you feel with a deformed bosom? Obviously it would be a devastating condition; you will feel yourself incomplete without breasts. Facing people with a deformed body would be the biggest challenge for you.

One of the most common causes of women losing their breasts is breast cancer. When a woman finds out that she is suffering from breast cancer, it is without any doubt a black day in her life, because not only her life is at risk but even after surviving the cancer bout successfully, her body would be altered permanently. To survive breast cancer, women have to undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy – a surgical procedure that involves removing the affected breast tissues from a woman’s chest. Deformed breasts bring with them a tidal wave of physiological and psychological difficulties.

However, with advancements in cosmetic surgery, women don’t have to live rest of their lives with this devastating deformity. Breast Reconstruction not only helps them regain their lost assets but also recover from the psychological trauma caused by the loss of breasts. There are two most commonly used methods for breast reconstruction, including DIEP Flap reconstruction and Reconstruction with Breast Implants. The former involves transplanting tissues from the patient’s own body – lower abdomen or thighs – to the breasts, whereas the later involves inserting artificial implants between the breast tissues left behind after mastectomy.

You can get your breasts reconstructed at the same time as mastectomy or can delay it for several months, until you have completely recovered from mastectomy. In case of immediate reconstruction, you will not have to face the psychological trauma of living without breasts. The decision about when to get the reconstruction surgery must be determined with mutual consent of doctor and the patient. Individual circumstances of the patient must also be considered when deciding the time for surgery.

Besides helping you regain your lost assets, a successful breast reconstruction surgery will also help you regain self confidence. You will be able to feel more confident in your swim suit and face people more confidently.

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