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Breast Lift with Implant after Pregnancy

Breast Lift with Implant after Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is said to be the greatest joy a woman can feel. It changes her entire world which now practically revolves around the little bundle of joy. Pregnancy itself is quite a difficult time for the women who have to undergo plenty of problems and pains to bear a child. After the arrival of the baby, there are a number of physical changes that have taken place.

A fair bit of weight has been gained by the mother, the skin has stretch marks the breasts have grown considerably bigger. As the time passes, some women tend to lose the size and shape of their bosom. The breasts can be drooping down as well. To correct this issue, a breast life surgery with implants is not a bad idea.

Determining candidacy

The first thing that needs to be done is to determine the candidacy of the mother’s for a breast lift. These can be dictated by a number of factors including the general health condition, whether or not the mother is breast feeding and if she intends to have more children. Age is also another key factor to keep in mind. Only a plastic surgeon who is expert in the field can ascertain if it is indeed the right time to undergo the knife for breast implants ornot.

Implant options

There are two main options when it comes to breast implants. The saline implants which carry saline water are quite commonly used. They can leak which can take away their usefulness but the improvements in recent times have significantly reduced the chances of such an occurrence.

The silicone implants are more commonly used. They are lesser likely to have any issues such as leaks and some prefer them over the saline version. Other factors such as cost may also need to be accounted for in order to know which option offers the best solution for you.

The procedure

The surgeon makes incisions in various points around your chest depending on the size of the implants to be inserted. The implants are inserted under or over the chest muscle. Once the implants have been placed, the incisions are sutured. The procedure takes place under generally anesthesia and is usually done in a couple of hours.


The breast lift that is desired can be achieved with the help of this surgery. Rest is recommended for a few days once you have undergone the knife. Some swelling may be experienced at the sight of the surgery which goes away with time.

Possible complications

There are certain complication risks which are always associated with any surgery. These include possible infections, scarring, bleeding, chest pain and breast symmetry issues. When the surgery is performed by an expert plastic surgeon, the chances of such complications are greatly reduced.

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