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Breast Lift Scars

Breast Lift Scars

Breast lift is an elective surgery that women choose to make their breasts look better. It corrects the sagginess of breasts which is mistakenly taken as an age factor. In fact, age also causes droopiness but it is not the only factor responsible for the bad shape. Women who are in their early 20s can also have sagginess especially if they have heavy breasts. Pregnancy, weight fluctuation and heredity are some other reasons that cause downward projection of breasts.

What to Expect After Surgery ?

Knowing how you will feel after surgery prepares you mentally for the surgery and helps you to have realistic expectations from your procedure. Women who have realistic expectations from this procedure are most pleased with their results. Some common side effects are:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Discomfort
  • Incision scars

As with all the other surgeries, swelling and bruising also come with breast lift. Usually, it last for two or three weeks and disappears gradually. Surgeon recommends pain killers to ease discomfort that the woman experiences after surgery. Antibiotics are also prescribed to prevent infections that may not only halt the recovery procedure but, in severe case, the patient may also end up with another surgery. The patient is not allowed to sleep on the stomach for a few weeks. Taking bath should also be avoided until the sutures are removed. Surgeons also recommend some other suggestions to maximize comfort during the recovery period.

Following a few days after surgery, the patient should wear surgical bra as it provides support to the breasts and prevents extra pressure. Later, it is replaced with sports bra that the patient must wear all the time. It takes about a week until the sutures are removed and the patient gradually returns to normal activities. Activities that involve bending over or exertion of force should be avoided as they can prolong swelling and can also initiate bleeding and pain in treated area. Smoking hampers healing and so it is recommended to stop smoking at least two weeks prior to your surgery and until the incisions heal properly.

Patients may feel numbness in nipples and skin but it should be temporary. In rare cases, the patient may have permanent numbness in nipples. Some patients also experience tingling or burning sensation in breasts but that is temporary and disappears as the incisions heal. Women must not lift anything above their head at least six weeks after surgery.

Breast Lift Scars:

Scars are more prominent during the first few months after surgery. They appear red and lumpy in start. However, they become thin lines over the period of next few months and surgeons also recommend creams that make the scars less noticeable breast lift scars. Some surgeons use silicone sheets or paper tapes to assist healing process. Women can also benefit from procedures like laser skin resurfacing to further flatten the incision site. Rarely, a patient may need scar revision surgery.

There are different techniques used to perform the surgery and the choice of the technique depends upon multiple individual factors along with the personal choice of the patient. Definitely, no one wants long scars and so, it is advised to discuss the incision scars with your surgeon. The patient must have a thorough knowledge of all the potential outcomes of the surgery.

Some women plan to have surgery to lift their breasts after childbirth while others prefer to have surgery before childbirth and have a touch up after their pregnancy and breast feeding period is over. Though the women can have surgery again but it will definitely result in more incision scars and some other days spent as downtime.

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