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Breast Implants – Post operative care

Breast Implants – Post operative care

Breast Implant surgery, also known as breast augmentation or boob job, is a cosmetic surgery procedure used for the enhancement of female breast size and shape. The surgery involves placing artificial breast implants between the glandular tissues to increase the size and fullness of the breasts, to improve their symmetry, or to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy, breast feeding or excessive weight reduction.

Outcomes of the surgery depend primarily on how well the surgery has been performed, which in turn depends on the experience of your surgeon. However, once the surgery is complete and you are allowed to go home, the recovery process will begin and how well you recover from the surgery solely depends on you. It is very important that you take proper care of yourself and your wounds to ensure that your body heals quickly without developing any infection or unwanted complication. Follow your plastic surgeon’s post-op instruction closely and carefully to make sure you enjoy a smooth and uneventful recovery.

Here is a list of some preventive measures that you need to take on the days and weeks following breast implant surgery.

  • Breast Augmentation Dubai is a major surgery performed under general anesthesia. It will take toll on your entire body so expect to feel fatigued and lethargic for several days after surgery. Take as much rest as you can while your wounds heal.
  • Avoid strenuous activities such as weight lifting, jogging, jumping, dancing etc. for the first couple of weeks.
  • You breasts may feel sore and tender for the first couple of days. This is normal as long as it is bearable. Take antibiotics and pain medications as prescribed by the physician.
  • Tightness or stretch in the breast area is also normal. This is part of healing process as your skin is adjusting to your new breast size with an artificial stuff inside.
  • You may also feel lack of sensation in the breasts and nipples during the first few days following surgery. This is normal, but this should not last for more than a week.
  • Massage your breasts following your surgeon’s instruction to speed up recovery. Massaging will also alleviate any discomfort in the operated breasts.
  • Wear support bra around the clock for the first seven to 10 days after breast enlargement surgery. This will provide extra support and positioning while you heal.
  • Most patients return to work within a few days after the surgery, but you should not follow the pattern adopted by any of your friend. Instead seek your doctor’s advice before resuming routine activities.
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