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Breast Implant Surgery for Beauty Elevation

Breast Implant Surgery for Beauty Elevation

Breast Implant Surgery continues to be embraced by millions of women around the world despite numerous medical and social controversies encompassing the procedure. Female breasts have always been a source of attraction and satisfaction for men. Probably this is the reason women are always eager to get bigger, rounder and perkier breasts. While some women are naturally well endowed, others keep struggling for the entire life to get their desired bosom.

Breast Augmentation is the buzzword of the cosmetic surgery industry. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), over 1.5 million women underwent breast implant surgery to get enhance their breast size and shape. Also known as mammaplasty, breast augmentation surgery involves placement of artificial implants between the existing breast tissues to enhance their size and shape.

Underdeveloped breasts is not the only reason behind women getting implants, there are numerous other factors as well that can take a woman to the operating table. Changes to the upper body due to aging, excessive weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding can also guide a woman towards Breast Implant surgery. There are two types of breast implants used for enhancing a female breast size, namely Saline Implants and Silicone Implants.

Saline implants comprise of a soft silicone shell filled with saline solution (salt and water solution). Silicone implants also have a hard silicone covering but the fluid filled in them is silicone gel. While the latter offer more natural look and feel, the former are more secure to be utilized. In case of leak or rupture, silicone implants lead to serious complications, whereas the saline solution leaked from a saline implant is simply absorbed by the body. Studies have found that silicone gel causes the immune system of an individual to respond, which can lead to a chronic autoimmune disease.

If you are also struggling with naturally short breasts or have lost the firmness and perkiness due to aging or multiple pregnancies or any other reason, contact Dubai Cosmetic Surgery now and our internationally recognized cosmetic plastic surgeons will help you regain the youthful figure that you once had. If you have excessive sagginess, then you may have to undergo a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift to restore the youthful, perkier figure.

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