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Breast Enlargement – Post-op care

Breast Enlargement – Post-op care

Following post-op instructions is as important as is the role of your surgeon in a breast enlargement procedure. After the surgery, it is very important that you follow your physician’s instructions very closely. Not taking proper post-op care will increase your risk of developing preventable complications, and you may end up not achieving the desired results.

A list of post-procedure instructions is given below:

Relax following your surgery:

This is most important thing if you want to recover well and quickly from any surgery, including breast enhancement, breast lift, breast reduction etc. Avoid indulging into physical activities as much as you can for at least one week. It is a major surgery that will take more of a toll on your body than you may be expecting. Feeling lethargic is normal, just take as much rest you can while your body heals.

Have some walk the evening following surgery:

Rest is no doubt the most important factor, but make sure you are up and out of bed on the evening after the surgery and have some walk. This will help avoid blood clotting in your legs. However, avoid climbing stairs, jogging, running, dancing and exercising or lifting heavy weights.

Take shower on the second day:

People believe that wetting steri-strips or taking shower could cause delayed healing, which is not correct. It is completely safe to take shower, 36 to 48 hours post surgery. Let your steri-strips to get wet, but pat them dry once you are done.

Say no to aspirin for 10 to 14 days post-surgery

Do not take aspirin or any aspirin containing product for the first ten days after undergoing boob-job. If you want any pain relieving medication, discuss with your doctor and he will suggest you one without aspirin as an active ingredient. Some of the prescribed pain-relieving medications may also make you drowsy, so better avoid driving while on medications.

Do not take pain medication and muscle relaxant simultaneously

After the surgery, your surgeon will most likely prescribe strong muscle relaxants as well. Take muscle relaxants only if you have muscle cramps in your back, neck, shoulders or chest. However, do not take pain relieving medications and muscle relaxants at the same time. Taking these two simultaneously may cause excessive sedation. If you have to choose between pain medication and muscle relaxant, go for the former, since it will help relieve breast pain, which should be your primary concern in any case.

Take your antibiotics regularly:

Antibiotics help accelerate the healing process, never compromise on them. Do not miss even a single dose until the scars have completely healed, usually five days after surgery.

Say no to alcohol and smoking

Alcohol is strictly prohibited while you are recovering from any major surgery, and the same goes for breast augmentation. Do not drink alcohol, or alcohol containing drinks for at least 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. Even after that, avoid excessive drinking. Smoking is also not good for you even under normal circumstances, so there is no need to say refrain from smoking for at least 7 to 10 days after undergoing surgery.

Follow these instructions and have an uneventful recovery and enjoy maximum results of your breast enlargement surgery.

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