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Breast Enlargement in Dubai

Breast Enlargement in Dubai

When thinking of a perfect female body every one of us imagines of sharp body cuts with big breasts and hips and narrow waist. This shape of the body is termed as hourglass and it is the most rarely occurring shape of female body. Most women do not fall in this category. While some don’t have heavy hips, most of the women do not have big breasts, something that is considered as one of the most important features of a woman’s femininity. Big breasts are now in fashion as you can also see an increasing trend in number of women undergoing breast enhancement surgeries to achieve their desired breast shape and size.

Why Breast Enlargement ?

Dissatisfaction with the breast size or the desire to achieve the ideal size is the obvious reason why women want to have breast surgery. Breast enlargement makes their breasts bigger in size and richer in volume. Another motive behind breast augmentation in Dubai is that some women naturally grow one breast smaller than the other. They undergo breast surgery to achieve a balanced appearance. Breast Enlargement in Dubai is performed using implants that are also used to construct new breasts in women who lose their breasts due to breast cancer.

How breast enlargement affects a woman’s life:

Not all, but most of the women consider small breasts an obstacle in looking attractive and beautiful. They not only find themselves short of clothing choices but may also fall victim to social anxiety. A woman with smaller breasts usually finds it difficult to socialize with people, which in turn affects her social, personal and professional life. On the contrary, women who are satisfied with their bodies have high self-confidence and self-esteem. They know that they are looking attractive and this gives them self-assurance and trust to move in the society. The moment a woman feels that she is looking beautiful and people are admiring her, she becomes strong and less vulnerable to criticism. Besides, it has also been proved that large breasts help them to balance their hips.

When to have breast enlargement is no exact age limit for breast enlargement. Usually, it is suggested that a woman can have such type of breast surgery once her breasts are fully developed. The patient’s general health is another element that surgeons take into account. To make breast enlargement suitable for a woman she must not have any serious illness that may limit her scope for elective surgery.   Most of the women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts are in their 30s or 40s. They want to regain the volume that is lost due to the normal aging process or breast feeding.

Points to Ponder:

Breast enlargement can give you the shape and size you want but no surgeon can guarantee the perfection. Women who are most pleased with the results are those who have realistic expectations from the surgery. Deciding for the surgery you must keep following factors in mind.

  • Breast augmentation changes the current shape of your breasts but it does not affect changes that may occur in future due to pregnancy, weight changes, breast feeding or as a course of natural aging process.
  • A patient may need follow-up surgery if she wants to further increase her breast size or if the implant ruptures, changes shape or develops any other issue.
  • Having implants in your chest means your skin and tissues will develop some permanent changes that will not reverse even after the implants have been removed. Wrinkling or sagging of chest skin is the most common problem associated with the procedure.
  • Breast MRI is recommended three years after breast augmentation and then after every two years. These regular MRIs examine the condition of the implants and detect any leakage or changes in the shape or placement of the implant.
  • The total cost of regular breast exams and the follow-up surgery can be greater than the initial cost of the breast enlargement surgery. These expenses are not covered by insurance.

Having realistic expectations and taking into account all the related aspects of the surgery help you to have greatest satisfaction from your surgery.

Breast Augmentation Dubai

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