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Breast Enhancement – Post-op care

Breast Enhancement – Post-op care

Breast enhancement is the way of surgically increasing the size and fullness of female breasts by placing artificial implants under the breast tissue. An implant is a soft prosthesis comprising of a soft silicone shell filled with either saline (salt and water) solution or silicone gel.

A cosmetic plastic surgeon makes an incision in the bottom crease of the breasts or towards the armpit and makes a pocket under the glandular tissues. Then the implant is placed and adjusted in that pocket to give your breast the desired size, shape and position. Once the desired shape and size has been achieved, the doctor then closes the incision with stitches and applies bandages on them. This is where 90% of the doctor’s job is done. From this point on, it is your responsibility to take good care of your wounds and follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions closely to enjoy a quick and uneventful recovery.

Here is a list of post-op instructions that will be helpful for you while recovering from a Breast Enhancement surgery:

Take rest as much as possible:

Breast enhancement is a major surgery performed under general anesthesia and it will take toll on your entire body much more than you may be expecting. You may feel lethargic and drowsy immediately after surgery, but this is normal. This is combined effect of surgery and anesthesia. Just take as much rest as you can. However, have some walk on the eve of the surgery to avoid blood clotting in your legs.

Take shower on second day

Do not take shower immediately after the surgery; however, you can take shower on the second day of the surgery. Let the steri-strips get wet, this is good, but pat dry them after taking shower otherwise you may develop infection in the wounds.

Remove bandage two days after surgery

You can remove gauze dressing wrapped around the breasts after two days but never ever try to remove steri-strips. This could cause wound disruption and bleeding from the wounds. Steri-strips are applied to the incisions to protect them, so even if it peels off from the edges, simply clip the peeled off edge carefully with a small pair of scissors. Your doctor will remove the strips at the three-week post-surgery follow-up.

No heavy lifting

Do not attempt any heavy lifting for at least one month after surgery. Also stay away from exercise, running, jogging or any other such activity. Resume gym only after getting your doctor’s approval.

Avoid aspirin and aspirin containing medicines

Aspirin is a blood thinner, so avoid its consumption for at least two weeks before and after surgery. Also refrain from using any other pain relieving medication containing aspirin. Stick to the pain relieving medications and muscle relaxants that have been prescribed by your physician. However, do not take pain medication and muscle relaxants simultaneously. If you have to make a choice between the two, go for pain killer as breast pain management should remain your priority during the recovery period. No need to say that refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption while your body heals.

Follow these instructions and enjoy a quick and uneventful Breast Enhancement Recovery.

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