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Breast Enhancement in Dubai

Breast Enhancement in Dubai

Breasts are one of the most significant parts of a woman’s body. Women know how they should put them forward to make them look stronger and perfect. From bra choices to surgical improvements there are number of ways that can help you give your breasts the shape you want. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons have reported an increasing trend in number of women who choose cosmetic surgeries to achieve their desired breast shape and size. These surgeries are equally liked and favored by surgeons and patients because they are quick solutions with long term results.

Achieving the Perfect Body with Breast Enhancement:

In our culture big breasts are considered a sign of beauty and a woman is not supposed to be beautiful if she has small breast size. This is one major reason behind women are choosing this procedure to achieve their size and volume. It is reported that breast augmentation affects a woman’s life positively by giving her an elevated level of self-confidence and self-esteem. No doubt, the feel that you are looking perfect and enviable gives strength and a sense of self-sufficiency!

Cost of the Procedure:

Cost of breast enhancement is a major concern for women who want to avail the surgery. There is no straight forward cost of the procedure as different surgeons charge different amounts and it also varies with varying patients’ needs. The cost for breast enhancement in Dubai is usually a sum of surgeon’s charges, facility fees, anesthesia fees, cost of the implants and medicines and cost of mammograms and lab tests.

Choosing the Right Size:

Deciding how much augmentation you want to have is an important decision and it also affects your chances to have follow-up treatment after initial surgery. The perfect way to choose the size of the implant is that select the size that goes best with your overall body structure. Your body must give the impression of being natural after surgery and it happens when the implant is in correct proportion with your body. Selecting overly large size that exceeds your body’s proportions is not recommended. It may bring following troubles for the woman.

  • It gives an artificial look.
  • It limits your clothing choices.
  • It can damage breast tissues.
  • It may receive an unwanted attention.
  • It may restrict body movement.

Breast Enhancement and Pregnancy:

Having implants does not affect your ability to conceive. If you get pregnant after this procedure your breasts will become swollen as they usually do in pregnancy. Milk production will also be normal after child birth and you will be able to feed your baby normally. Implants do not affect the quality of your milk; however, changes in your breasts once milk goes away are hard to predict. Some women do not experience any change in skin quality or shape once they stop breastfeeding their infant. At some other instances, pregnancy may affect the quality of the skin or the shape of the breast and may also leave stretch marks.

Research has found out that the possibility of sagging after breastfeeding is not affected by breast augmentation. The sagginess in breasts after pregnancy is rather natural than caused by the implants. However, it is recommended that you must discuss this in detail with your surgeon if you want to conceive in future.

Longevity of the Results:

Implants do not come with an expiry date but they are not considered permanent either. They may have a long lifespan but cannot be taken as lifetime devices. Most often, women who have breast implants choose to replace the implants with smaller or bigger implants. Some other reasons why women choose to have further surgeries after initial surgery are

  • The woman may want to remove the implant to get her natural body shape back.
  • The surgery may be needed due to capsular contracture, infection or any other reason.
  • The implant may rupture or change its shape.
  • Mistakenly, the implant may be taken as cancerous abnormality during breast MRI. It may lead to unnecessary breast biopsy.

Breast enhancement is a time-tested and reliable treatment that helps you achieve your desired size. It enhances your breasts and makes you look more beautiful and complete!


Breast Augmentation Dubai

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