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Breast Augmentation: What To Expect Before, During and After The Procedure

Breast Augmentation: What To Expect Before, During and After The Procedure

Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure that makes your breasts bigger and fuller; know the details of the procedure here.

Breast augmentation is the most popular surgical procedure performed in women these days. It can be either for cosmetic purpose to enhance the shape and size of breasts or it can be for reconstructive purpose like after mastectomy (breast cancer surgery). Here are some important facts to know before, during and after breast augmentation surgery.

Some pre surgery facts:

  • If you are smoker, you will have to quit smoking before the procedure and for couple of weeks after the procedure. The nicotine in the cigarettes hiders in the process of healing and is responsible for delay in healing.
  • Your surgeon will ask about all the medications or supplements if you are taking. This is because some medications like aspirin can cause problems with bleeding. So, strictly follow the instructions of your surgeon about alterations or quitting of medications.
  • Make changes in your lifestyle by making your diet healthy and drinking lots of water. This will help your body to accept the changes that are going to occur during surgery.
  • No doubt exercise is good for your health but avoid vigorous exercise before breast augmentation surgery.
  • Wear lose fitting clothes before you go for surgery.

During the surgery:

During the breast augmentation surgery, anesthesia is given, incisions are made to place implants in the breasts and then incisions are closed. Some facts you need to know about the procedure of surgery are.

  • General anesthesia is used during the surgery.
  • Incisions or cuts can be made on different areas. Types of incisions include.
    • Inframammary – incision is made under the breast along with natural fold of breast.
    • Periareolar – incision is made around areola (dark area around nipple).
    • For reconstruction breast surgery – incision is made through mastectomy scar.
    • Pre-umbilical approach – incision is made in the belly button.

Pre-umbilical approach is not used most commonly.

  • After making incisions, breast implants are placed through them. Two types of implants – silicone and saline implants – are used for this purpose but silicone implants are preferred on saline implants mostly. The position of implants may be underneath the breast tissues above pectoral muscles or below the pectoral muscles.
  • After the placement of implants, incisions are closed and healing and recovery period starts.

Some post surgery facts:

  • After the surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in the bandage and gauze. Your surgeon will also recommend surgical bra for you to wear after the procedure.
  • Though serious side effects are avoided by selecting an experienced surgeon but common side effects do occur including swelling, bruising, tenderness and pain.
  • Your surgeon will prescribe you medications to overcome side effects and you should strictly follow his or her instructions to recover quickly.
  • Scar is the most important factor to consider. You should discuss the location and size of the scar before the surgery. Generally, scars are made in the sites where they are well hidden and they fade out with the passage of time. However time required differs from patient to patient
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